Gore House Productions release CESSPOOL OF CORRUPTION’s devastating Eradication Of The Subservient on Dec 11th

Enslaved by unseen deities, handed down from generation to generation in a chain of unthinking obedience. Enslaved by the heedless pursuit of technological developments that lead us down a path of dependence and sloth. Enslaved by self-appointed leaders who relieve us of responsibility and the need to think. How easily we cast aside our independence, our intelligence and our conscience. How meekly we surrender our individual identities and collective strengths. Pray to those silent gods for destruction, pray for an ending in fire. Pray for the bringing down of our false idols and a resurrection from this cesspool of corruption!

Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Cesspool Of Corruption originally released their debut EP, Eradication Of The Subservient, independently in 2016. Since then it has remained the prized possession of the few, a secret treasure for those who were lucky enough to stumble upon it. But when Eradication Of The Subservient found its way to the doors of Gore House Productions, its days in obscurity were numbered. There was no way that the famed label, home to so much great extreme music, could allow this torrent of visceral death metal to go unheard any longer.  On December 11th this staggeringly powerful and intense creation will be reborn and unleashed on the world! Now everyone will have the chance to hear this bestial outpouring of rage and disgust, to feel the jagged razors of Blake Humphrey and Matt Leach’s guitars rip through their chests, the defiant demolition of Brennan Shackelford (BrodequinDisentomb)’s drums cave in their skulls. No longer will Mike Leach’s dream defiling vocals be the province of the few.

Genuine hidden gems are few and far between, but Cesspool Of Corruption’s Eradication Of The Subservient is most certainly one. Now remixed and remastered with MFA XII (NinkharsagAbyssus etc)’s original artwork given fresh colour editing by Ardha Lepa (Creeping DeathVisceral Decay etc) it is everything it was and more. Magnificent tracks like ‘Ubiquitous Presence’ and ‘Technological Enslavement’ are classics waiting to be discovered, blending the inspired song writing skills and melodic sensibilities of the genre greats with the savage extremity of the modern practitioners of the death metal art. There was no way this EP could remain undiscovered forever. So give thanks to Gore House Productions for unearthing this monster and prepare yourselves for a brand new, full length album from Cesspool Of Corruption, coming for you in 2021.

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