BORDE releases debut EP Despertar | Premieres music video for “Revelo”

BORDE is a Groove / Thrash Metal band formed at the end of 2019, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.The group released in November 2020, their first EP called Despertar, which is a preview of its full-length material about to be released, which will be called Mundos Paralelos. The creation of this musical content originates from the need of these musicians to find new ways of being able to express a reflection on the present day of the modern world that is visualized these days. Within the latter, reference can be made to the cost of being part of a society where anxiety and the struggle to find one’s own path are the main pattern.

All this, going through various situations such as heartbreaks, manipulation, alcoholism, consumption and violence, as a result of social conflicts and personal problems.


About the EP

Regarding the release of this new material, Fabián Meaurio, the group’s vocalist, stated:

“Having met musicians who bet on everything without fear is what I am most passionate about with this project and I hope that everything happens in the best way and with the best arrival of our art to the whole world.”

For his part, guitarist Francisco Ukmar said:

“After many months of work, we can finally see our first material come to light and we are very happy because it is the door to many more things that will come little by little.”


  1. Calma
  2. Revelo
  3. Guía
  4. El Costo de Ser


  • Fabián Meaurio – Vocals
  • Alfredo Gelberg – Bass
  • Luciano Martínez – Drums
  • Francisco Ukmar – Guitar

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