Finnish symphonic death metal band EPHEMERALD released second single from their upcoming album

Photo: Ephemerald

Finnish symphonic death metal band Ephemerald is releasing their debut album early 2021 and now they present second single from the upcoming album.

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Band backgrounds the release: ”Between the Glimpses of Hope” album tells a story about countless new beginnings and attempts to break free from the shackles of the past. Yet if it’s mainly the external factors which are changing without a profound attempt to improve yourself, there’s often a familiar darkness lurking in the shadows after the first rays of dawn have withered away. ”No Fall Is Too Deep”, however, has an optimistic approach to this theme and suggests it is possible to overcome any hardship.”

EPHEMERALD was formed in 2016 by Joni Snoro (ex-Frosttide), Lauri Myllylä (Voidfallen), Vesa Salovaara (Vorna) and Juho Suomi (Apocryfal). Later they joined forces with Tuomo Sagulin (Mechanik Project). The band creates epic yet furious and straightforward metal music from the hearts of its creators.

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Joni Snoro – Guitar
Lauri Myllylä – Bass
Vesa Salovaara – Vocals
Juho Suomi – Drums
Tuomo Sagulin – Keyboards & Orchestrations

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Finnish Symphonic Death Metal act EPHEMERALD releases their debut album


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