Album teaser of the forthcoming second full-length ‘Nocturnal Odes of a Wandering Spirit’ from the band FOURTH MONARCHY…..!!!

On the 26th of November, 2020, philosophical Black Metal band Fourth Monarchy released an album teaser of the forthcoming full-length “Nocturnal Odes of a Wandering Spirit” (out in March 2021).

Appearing 14 years after the first full-length “Amphilochia”, which is now considered a Cult of the underground Black Metal scene, the new album will reaffirm the eminent song-writing as well as the enigmatic conceptual journey which erected a shroud of mystery around this band back in 2007, right before it disappeared in silence. In reverence to the spiritual bond that connects the 1990s Black Metal movement with the Individualist struggle of the 1700s’ Romantic Poets, Fourth Monarchy consecrate their work to the resurrection of the sacred Flame of Knowledge from the decadent emptiness of the surrounding world.

The teaser can be found here:  

With majestic and wrathfully epic atmospheres, Fourth Monarchy aim at restoring the Throne that was gloriously conquered by the Symphonic Black Metal school in the mid-1990s. Fourth Monarchy is based between Brussels (Belgium) and Venice (Italy).





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