HORCRUX reveals video for peremptory new single “Heavy Hearted”!

Metalcore formation Horcrux premieres the brand new representation of the group’s notable musicianship and composing potential for creating quality heavy music – “Heavy Hearted“! Following the established tendency of the band to continuously perfect its characteristic approach to developing and presenting complex music ideas and concepts as crafted, polished and cohesive dynamic products, this single impresses with its prolific balance between the aggressiveness and the technicality that the different aspects of the composition achieve with ease and natural intuition. With its remarkable construction and its subsequent execution, “Heavy Hearted” is yet another clear and undeniable example that proves Horcrux’s significant capacity and talent to create peremptory and comprehensible music that, however, escapes the traps of the conventional genres’ limitations.

Talking about the essence of Heavy Hearted, Michael Labelle (vocalist) further clarifies: “This track is about taking chances, leaving everything behind to start over again. I’ve personally lived through this experience so many times and felt like the weight of everything just came crashing down on me. I’ve kept my head up and remembered my mission. I use these hardships to write most of my lyrics but this is the one song where I took a different approach, instead of having lyrics talking about regret, it’s more about being proud of the work you’ve accomplished”.

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