News from Belgian progressive/power/thrash metalband PATRIARCH

Since 2016, we’ve been silent, while searching for a new vocalist and working on our new sound.

Now we can and may proudly present three new songs. Fully developed under our own management. Here below you already will find two of those songs.

We’ve fine-tuned our own PatriarcH sound with care and expertise. Our sound is a mix of various influences. You’ll hear Progressive and Thrash Metal with traces of bands like Nevermore, Fear Factory, Pain of Salvation, Testament, Killing Joke, Gojira, Machine Head….

Who is PatriarcH? A bunch of passionate metal musicians from the quiet Kempen in Belgium with an exotic Brazilian touch. 

The band has been around since 1983 but our new songs show definitely progress in the style we are bringing, compared with our previous work. Our ambition? To make music lovers enthusiastic about metal music again, especially the younger generations.

People who have a critical view on the world and the policies being pursued. Who are aware of the challenges we face as a society. This is reflected in our music. Contemporary, raw, in-your-face.

We are planning to record the songs we have prepared for our next album at our studio and are looking for a label to release the album…


Guitars / Freddy Mylemans
Drums / Luc Seeuws
Vocals / Mario Cesar
Guitars / Stijn Claessen
Bass / Tweeva

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