PSYCHONEUROSIS, HERIDA PROFUNDA and SUFFERING QUOTA to finally release “In Fear We Trust” split LP

Following a limited run of CDs and cassettes, three of Europe’s most ravenous and ferocious grindcore bands – PSYCHONEUROSISHERIDA PROFUNDA and SUFFERING QUOTA – will finally release their 3 way split, subtitled “In Fear We Trust”, on vinyl via a coalition of labels on 11th December 2020.

“In Fear We Trust” will be released as a single-sided 12” vinyl with B side etched (200 black, 200 clear) by:

7Degrees Records –Germany
 – UK
Ancient Temple Recordings – Canada
Black Omega Recordings – Germany
EatShitBuyDie Records
 – Netherlands
MINOR-obscuR – Germany
No Humano Records
 – Spain

The split was premiered at heavily trafficked portal No Echo HERE, while Heavy Blog premiered 3 of the tracks at THIS LOCATION.

For “In Fear We Trust”, PSYCHONEUROSIS recorded a cover of Extreme Noise Terror’s song “Believe What I Say”. In addition to that they added the previously unreleased, full on grindstomper “Where Are We Heading”.

HERIDA PROFUNDA’s tracks were recorded live at 161 Festival in Poland. Three of the four blistering, unadulterated grindcore tracks will eventually be recorded for a 2nd full-length but are released in their purest form to give a taste of what to expect in the future. The studio version of “Alerta 161”, previously released on their split with Hellbastard, was added as a political statement.

The tracks on this split from SUFFERING QUOTA were recorded during the same session as the songs on the split with My Minds Mine. “Rage” is an alternative version of the song “Anger” that appeared first on their critically acclaimed, sophomore album “Life in Disgust”. “Bastardized Yesterday” shows a development to longer songs with more elements of death metal and hardcore that was further explored on “Life in Disgust”.


01. PSYCHONEUROSIS – Believe What I Say (Extreme Noise Terror cover)
02. PSYCHONEUROSIS – Where Are We Heading
03. HERIDA PROFUNDA – Power To The People
04. HERIDA PROFUNDA – Holy Books
05. HERIDA PROFUNDA – Remembrance Day
06. HERIDA PROFUNDA – Alerta 161!
08. SUFFERING QUOTA – Bastardized Yesterday



PSYCHONEUROSIS was originally formed in September 1991. Through the frst 10 years of existence the band released over a dozen of split tapes, 2 demos, 1 MC, 2 EPs and a retrospective CD. The band played around 100 gigs mostly in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Ther last gig took place in Debica (Poland) on 21st April .2001. After 15 years of absence, Sonia (vocals) decided to come back to the grind scene and resurrected the band. He invited original drummer Janek and Laski (guitarist from Polish band Bottom to join her in this new incarnation of the band. In 2019 Jędrzej joined the fold as a bass player. So far the band has played shows in Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and United Kingdom.


The forming process of grindcore outfit HERIDA PROFUNDA took few years, but in 2012 they played their first show. In 2013 they played over 50 shows all over Europe and released a self-titled album on LP and CD. Limited runs of cassette tape ware released all over the world. In 2014, Edi (vocalist) moved to the UK, but this didn’t stop the band on any aspect: a picture disc split with Hellbastard (UK) was released in September 2015. Currently the CD version is out in Europe and Give Praise Records is working on releasing a US version. In spring 2016 the band played a UK/Euro tour with a new drummer along with weekend tours and summer festivals.
Recording sessions at the end of 2016 resulted in appearance on tribute releases for Motörhead and Terrorizer. In 2017 the band released a 7″ split with Hello Bastards, embarked on serval tours in most European countries, appeared at Chimpyfest in London and MonteParadiso in Croatia. They Played 161 fest in Poland and went on a short UK tour with Satanic Malfunctions.
2018 saw Edi go on his “paternity leave” but the band is back on the grind in 2019 with appearances at Fluff Fest, Kill the Plastic Smile Fest, More Noise For Life Fest and The Grindcore Family Weekend in Copenhagen.


SUFFERING QUOTA is a grindcore band formed in Groningen, The Netherlands, in 2009, mixing elements of crust and death metal into their sound. Although from different (musical) backgrounds and some line-up changes, there is a very good connection between the members and the result is a bunch of eruptions in which different extreme music styles are blend together. With its current lineup the band released a split with My Minds Mine in 2017 and the highly acclaimed sophomore album “Life in Disgust” the following year.

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PSYCHONEUROSIS, HERIDA PROFUNDA and SUFFERING QUOTA join forces for a punishing 3-way split release!


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