MISANTHROPIA post playthrough video for new single

Dutch symphonic black metal outfit MISANTHROPIA has released a playthrough video for their new single “Silent War” – enjoy it on https://youtu.be/a-u6cn_hCk8

The song is taken from the band’s upcoming album “Convoy Of Sickness“, which will be released on December 18th via Massacre Records.

Check out the lyric videos for the first two singles here on YouTube:

For the upcoming album, MISANTHROPIA once again teamed up with sound wizard Mike Wead and renowned graphic artist Jan Yrlund. Get ready for brutal and fast as well as heavy and melodic songs, and an album that’s even more bombastic than its predecessor “OMERTÀ”.

You can pre-order “Convoy Of Sickness” here » https://lnk.to/convoyofsickness


Silent War (Official Playthrough Video) – https://youtu.be/a-u6cn_hCk8
Sorrow Made Flesh (Lyric Video) – https://youtu.be/PvcvxCdgBzA
The Eagle And The Hare (Lyric Video) – https://youtu.be/HEHhBimc5A8

Convoy Of Sickness

Pre-order » https://lnk.to/convoyofsickness

  1. Convoy Of Sickness
  2. Silent War
  3. Pathological Desire To Kill
  4. Nicodemus Narcissus
  5. Sorrow Made Flesh
  6. Aan De Herwijnse Zijde
  7. The Unburied
  8. The Eagle And The Hare
  9. Roze Balletten
  10. Through The Eye Of The Needle

Black Metal
CD • Digital
Release: 18/12/2020


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MISANTHROPIA issue lyric video for new single


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