Black metal quintet ANTRE included on Cyberpunk 2077 soundtrack

‘The Accursed’ features in the most keenly-anticipated game in recent years

The critically acclaimed UK black metal group ANTRE are included in the soundtrack of Cyberpunk 2077, the most keenly-anticipated game in recent memory.

You will be able to hear their track ‘The Accursed’ in-game, alongside the previously-announced The ArmedConverge, Tomb Mold, and HEALTH. Under the in-game pseudonym Dread SoulANTRE crafted their new track, a terrifying showcase of their ferocity and inventiveness – seamlessly matching Cyberpunk 2077’s bleak view of a dystopian future with their own fears and disillusionment.

Following the release of ANTRE’s critically acclaimed debut album VoidCyberpunk 2077’s developers CD Projekt Red approached the band to create an exclusive track for the game, to appear on the Ritual FM channel.

The band comment: “CDPR told us they’d heard the album and enjoyed the brutality of the track ‘Infinite Abyss’ (itself referencing the Dark Soul’s video game series). We were really eager to get working on a track that would encapsulate the grimness of the Cyberpunk world, and even more excited as gaming fans to be immortalised in a piece of gaming history.”

The band will also be releasing their new EP Dark Spectrum on 15th January via Withered Hand Records.

Through These Dead Eyes
Become the Damned
Mask of the Saviour
Cursed Existence

Antre (pronounced ant-er) is an old English word for a cave or cavern. Appropriate name, considering ANTRE are a band who manifest as a representation of the innermost darkest places within all of us.

Drawing on a wide range of influences, in particular black metal, but also death, thrash and hardcore, ANTRE succeed in creating an atmosphere at once claustrophobic, savage, and intense.

The world is a grim and unrelenting place currently – and ANTRE are here to pay recognition to that state. The band are born from and exist in the situations we all retreat to in moments of despair. ANTRE challenged themselves to write a more personal document of themselves with their Dark Spectrum EP – channeling their inner emotions, the four tracks on offer respectively personalise Fear, Wrath, Salvation and Sanity.

The band have a long-standing DIY background being in many groups from various scenes over the years; they take this ethos into their new EP, and it’s an attitude that saw them reach recognition on their debut LP Void. Prior to this, ANTRE‘s split 7” with Underdark was a bestseller on Bandcamp, landing in their top-selling black metal chart when released in early 2018. Praise from Kerrang!, Decibel, and Metal Hammer, among others, saw ANTRE reach new heights as they performed alongside the likes of WinterfyllethWodeThe Infernal SeaThe Moth Gatherer and more.

A beautifully vicious and suffocating release, Dark Spectrum is another fine addition in the journey of one of the UK’s most promisingly furious bands.

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