BLOODKILL – India’s thrash/heavy metallers publish lyric video for “For I Am The Messiah”

India’s thrash/heavy metallers Bloodkill are scheduled to release “Throne of Control” on January 19th, 2021, an album that in their own words «has an underlying story of how things are bitterly different from what it looks on the surface». 

Bloodkill have published a lyric video for the track “For I Am The Messiah”, a ferocious assault to a rotten world waiting to be saved. The band comments: «’For I am the Messiah’ talks about the narcissists proclaiming to be the godmen and saviours who manipulate the vulnerable masses under the guise of the greater good. Times change and so do messiahs, but what remains unchanged is the ‘Throne Of Control’.» 

Watch the lyric video of “For I Am The Messiah“, which was premiered on Metal Hammer Portugal:

You can also watch it on YouTube:

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