DEEDS OF FLESH stream album ahead of release

New album Nucleus out 11th December via Unique Leader Records

Erik Lindmark (RIP) tribute: special guest include John Gallagher, George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher, Frank Mullen + many more 

Technical death metal pioneers DEEDS OF FLESH  are streaming new album, Nucleus, ahead of its release this Friday 11th December via Unique Leader.

Their ninth studio album features guest performances from Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus, Gorguts and more, paying tribute to the band’s late guitarist and founder, Erik Lindmark

Premiered via Decibel, listen to Nucleus here:

Returning after a seven year hiatus with their ninth studio album, Nucleus is set for release via Unique Leader Records on 11th December 2020 (Vinyl release 15th January 2021).

Marking the first DEEDS OF FLESH albumrelease since the tragic passing of guitarist / vocalist and Unique Leader founder Erik Lindmark, who lost a battle with cirrhosis (aka sclerosis) in 2018, Nucleus features guest performances some of the biggest names in extreme metal to celebrate his life and contribution to metal. Vocalist Jacoby Kingston is joined by:

Luc Lemay (Gorguts)
John Gallagher (Dying Fetus)
George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher (Cannibal Corpse)
Frank Mullen (Suffocation)
Matti Way (Submerged, ex Disgorge)
Bill Robinson (Decrepit Birth)
Dusty Boisjolie (Severed Savior, Illuminegra)
Anthony Trapani (Odious Mortem, Severed Savior)
Obie Flett (Pathology)
Robbe Kok (Disavowed)

Jon Zig (Serpentian).

With a mix of the old and new style of DEEDS OF FLESH writing, this album is the completion of a story that began with Of What’s to Come (2008) and ran through Portals to Canaan (2013). The music was written by Erik Lindmark (RIP), Craig Peters, Ivan Munguia and Darren Cesca, and had been recorded and partially mixed for almost four years. When Erik Lindmark passed in 2018, vocalist Jacoby Kingston came out of retirement to help finish the album. Alongside long-time drummer Mike Hamilton, they finished the story arc, wrote the lyrics and made the vocal arrangements for Nucleus.

The band members comment on Nucleus:

Craig Peters (guitars, arrangements): “After we started the writing process for Nucleus about 7 years ago, I’m very glad that now fans will be able to hear what we’ve been working on. This album is special to me because I got to work closely with Erik on the material to really craft a cinematic experience for the listener. With the passing of Erik we were all saddened by the news and not sure where things would go with the album and the band. It only seemed right to have Jacoby and Mike come back into the fold to help finish this album. They’re such a huge part of the Deeds of flesh legacy that I couldn’t see the album completed any other way. Nucleus completes this amazing story that Erik started with Of What’s To Come with a fusion of older and newer musical elements of the band with stuff fans have never heard before. Get ready because this album is an intense journey!” 

Jacoby Kingston (vocals): “After losing Erik, it didn’t feel right to have anyone else do the vocals on this album, so I knew coming out of retirement only made sense. Mike Hamilton and I made a plan to tackle the story and lyrics as a team and it came out better than I could have hoped for. Writing and performing on this album brought me back to the early days of recording “Gradually Melted” and “Trading Pieces”, when everything was new and exciting. We put 100% into this album and I think it really shows. The dream team of guest vocalists that laid down tracks on this album is ridiculous and humbling at the same time. We are honored to have them, and I think fans will be excited about it once they learn who is on there. The music is freaking crazy, but it’s definitely a Deeds album. We’ve managed to mix some of the old and new together to come out with a hybrid form for a new era.”

Ivan Munguia (bass): “We’ve been sitting on this music for years. We have riffs dating back to the time Portals was released and possibly even further than that. When we tragically lost our band leader and only original member I didn’t know if this album would ever be released, or if it should be released, due to the fact that Darren, Craig, and I are not original members of the band and it just wouldn’t feel right to bring in a random vocalist to complete the record. Thankfully Mike and Jacoby reached out and stepped in to help with the lyric writing and vocals. As 2/3rds of the classic deeds lineup, Mike and Jacoby coming back to help honor Erik and bring his last compositions to the fans is the only right way to do justice by Erik and Deeds of Flesh’s fans. I honestly feel this is a very special album and I think the fans will have something to be excited about once they get to hear this collaboration.”

Mike Hamilton (lyrics, vocal arrangements): “The sudden loss of Erik was unexpected and devastating! Deeds of Flesh had a full album written and recorded at the time of his passing . Sadly, this album would not have Erik’s presence as vocalist to finish it. After attending Erik’s Funeral Jacoby and I knew we had to step up to help finish this record! We made that commitment to Erik , Deeds Of Flesh fans , Jamie and UL to get it done. It was a no brainer and obvious choice that JACOBY, being a founding member and 2nd main vocalist, had to come out of retirement to sing on this record!  Erik ,Craig ,Ivan and  Darren did an amazing job on this record and although I was not able to record drums due to personal and family related reasons I still wanted to be a part of this album. I was super excited to collaborate with Jacoby on storyline ,lyrics and vocal arrangements just as we did in the good ol’ days to help put the finishing touches on this album .We then decided on the concept of a tribute album and thought inviting other DM singers to collaborate vocally would best serve the vibe of this record. It only made sense to ask vocalists that Erik looked up to and had close personal friendships with . The list of amazing and talented vocalists on this album is the Who’s Who of DM .  I’m super  excited and proud to be a part of this record and continue the legacy of Deeds Of Flesh in honor of Erik!  A message to the fans of Deeds of Flesh…Thank you for your years of  support and patience…..Time to Awaken and Arise!!!!!!!”

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