Russian exponents of death metal brutality, INSECT INSIDE, sign with Gore House Productions!

2020 has been a tough year for everyone, but don’t go looking to 2021 to bring you rest and recuperation! Gore House Productions are amassing an intimidating force to unleash staggering brutality on the planet when the new year dawns. The latest addition to their crack unit is from Russia, the inhuman, nightmare-inducing Insect Inside! The band have been turning heads and chilling blood with their Intracranial Infection single and For The Glory Of Swarm demo, but now the time has come for them to realise their true pestilential potential with their full length debut album The First Shining Of New Genus. The band are thrilled to be welcoming Gore House Productions into their hive of horrors and have issued the following statement about the new alliance…

“It is a great honor to announce that we signed an agreement with Gore House Productions – one of the best underground death metal labels of our time!
We are in a wild anticipation of the moment when you can hear our first album The First Shining Of New Genus. This material combines all the best that we are known about slamming brutal death metal – technique riffs, grooves, nasty guttural/growl and a tight sound. This record features special vocal collaborations with Kevin Muller from The Merciless ConceptRoman Vlasenko from Abnormity and Kirill Nazarov from Decomposition Of Entrails.It was hard and long work and we are certainly glad that it will add to the list of releases of Gore House Productions for the coming year!”

The First Shining Of New Genus will be unleashed on February 19th 2021. Feast your eyes on the album artwork and prepare for the horrors to come!

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