SENNIGHT Offer Up A Taste Of Their Upcoming 2021 Album With Melancholic “Arise”

Featuring Album Guests Brian Kingsland (Nile, Imperishable),
Ron Dalton Jr. (Your Chance to Die, Final Curse), Alex Parra (Paladin, Sadistic Ritual)

L-R – Sennight – Adam Mast – Bass, Vocal | Trevor Norris – Guitar 

Atlanta’s Sennight is dropping a new single “Arise” off their upcoming 2021 album “New Takes The Old”.

Sennight drives forth with their heavy, melancholic brand of melodic metal that can quickly be felt by the listener who is washed over with pronounced energy. It commands attention and is not a sound that is easily forgotten. Compared to their first demos, which were more of an alternative metal sound, their music has gotten faster and more energetic since then.

Lyrical content from Sennight is largely inspired by various European mythologies and epic stories: people striving and persevering against terrible odds and having otherworldly experiences. The single “Arise” is heavy rock infused with extreme metal rhythms along with a guest solo by Ron Dalton Jr. (Your Chance to Die, Final Curse, the band explains the track in their own words:

“Arise takes influence from a few different heavy music genres including heavy and extreme metal. Lyrically the song talks about breaking free of any inhibitions and fears in order to have a full life experience. ‘Arise, untied, the iron pulled apart.’”

Hopeful and confident, the forthcoming album “New Takes The Old” will be comprised of ten songs with a variety of colors, sometimes energetic and penetrating, other times somber and plodding. The album was recorded over several sessions at Jam Room Studio in Columbia, SC, and a few parts were done remotely at guitarist Trevor Norris’ home studio. Brian Kingsland (Nile, Imperishable) and Alex Parra (Paladin, Sadistic Ritual) also recorded their guest solos remotely.

Ever ambitious, Sennight has more plans for releases after this upcoming 2021 album drop.

Recommended for fans of Katatonia, Opeth, and Kamelot, “Arise” can be heard via its premiere on MetalInsider HERE.

Sennight‘s previous single Tearing Free, can also be heard on BandcampSpotifyApple Music.

Track Listing:
1. Perfect Symmetry
2. New Takes The Old – ft. guest solo Brian Kingsland (Nile, Imperishable)
3. Tearing Free – ft. guest solo Ron Dalton Jr.
4. When Daylight Dies
5. Golden Crown – ft. guest solo Ron Dalton Jr.
6. Who Am I – ft. guest solo Alex Parra (Paladin, Sadistic Ritual)
7. Arise – ft. guest solo Ron Dalton Jr.
8. I Am
9. Misbegotten
10. Go

Album Band Line Up:
Adam Mast – Vocals, Bass, Guitars
Trevor Norris – Solo guitars
David Holquin – Drums

More info:

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