BASEMENT TORTURE KILLINGS unveil a new, animated lesson in murder – ‘Public Displays Of Aggression’ – with Gore Grinder!

As the festive season approaches Basement Torture Killings want to make sure that everyone has been keeping up with their lessons in murder. To that end they have employed the good people of Belgian animated art company, Shit Knuckles, to create a violent new visual education tool to accompany the track ‘Public Displays Of Aggression‘. This spirited endeavour will have you murdering away under the mistletoe in a frenzy of gory celebration!

‘Public Displays Of Aggression’ can be seen first, exclusively at Gore Grinder – so click on the link below and have your notebooks at the ready…

The audio version of ‘Public Displays Of Aggression’ can be found on the album Lessons In Murder which BTK released through Bizarre Leprous Production in May 2020. If you are, shamefully, yet to pick up your copy then here’s a few reminders of what you can expect…

“… it will have your parents worrying about you and just what you get up to in the churchyard at night, you filthy little perverts.” – EVER METAL 10/10

“…make Jack The Ripper look like your ideal sleepover companion…” – ZERO TOLERANCE MAGAZINE 5/6

“…a fun and gore filled metallic ride…” – THE DOORWAY TO

Anyway, get yourselves off to class and start preparing your ‘Public Displays Of Aggression’!
*please note the video is age restricted due to extreme content so will require a user sign-in to view*

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