OUR MIRAGE – new tour dates!

Due to the current state of the pandemic OUR MIRAGE had to postpone the »Arising Tour« 2021 to October ’21 and January ’22. Check out the new dates below:

»Arising Tour« 2021
01.10.2021 – Berlin | Cassiopeia
02.10.2021 – Hamburg | Logo
06.10.2021 – Nürnberg | Z-Bau
07.10.2021 – Wiesbaden | Schlachthof
08.10.2021 – Bremen | Tower
09.10.2021 – Bochum | Rotunde
15.10.2021 – Hannover | Lux
16.10.2021 – Köln | Helios37
14.01.2022 – Stuttgart | JUHA WEST
15.01.2022 – Leipzig | Naumanns
21.01.2022 – Düsseldorf | Tube
22.01.2022 – Münster | Sputnikhalle
28.01.2022 – München | Backstage
29.01.2022 – Trier | Mergener Hof

Today, the hot Marl, Germany based post-hardcore outfit OUR MIRAGE released their brand new single ‘Remedy‘!

“In one of the hardest years ever we were struggling with remaining our confidence and belief. Not only do we miss being on tour and playing shows, we miss YOU guys! Music connects us with people from all over the world, you guys help US through our toughest days just by letting us know that we are able to create change. We are more grateful than ever to every single one of you supporting us throughout this (hopefully) not foreverlasting off-phase. How can the whole world be so wrong? There is a REMEDY for all of us, it‘s called unity! We are one, we are OUR MIRAGE.” – OUR MIRAGE

Watch ‘Remedy‘ here:
Streaming, Purchase:

“they say there is no remedy
and no cure for me
but I am searching all along
how can the whole world be so wrong?”

Buy and/or stream their new album »Unseen Relations« here:

Despite exciting developments, “Unseen Relations” embodies what you have learned to love OUR MIRAGE for: gripping motifs, emotionally honest screams, extensively orchestrated choruses and bridges – pleasing post-metalcore through and through. “ – FUZE Magazine

“The Post Hardcore, clearly inspired by The Amity Affliction, is composed confidently, professionally produced and performed in an appealing manner.” – METAL HAMMER

“OUR MIRAGE release their new, second album” Unseen Relations “and the summary carrot and stick whips up the tenor quite well.” – krachfink  

»Unseen Relations« tracklist:
01. Rivers
02. Falling feat. Telle Smith (THE WORD ALIVE)
03. Different Eyes
04. Strike A Match
05. Transparent
06. Our All Home (Interlude)
07. Unseen
08. My Last Day
09. Walk As One
10. Distant & Obscure
11. After All

Stream, Purchase »Lifeline« here:
Falling’ feat. Telle Smith
‘After All’
‘Different Eyes’
‘The Unknown’

OUR MIRAGE is a band that only exists for 3 years. Their way hasn’t been long, yet successful already. Their
lead-vocalist, Timo Bonner, was looking for a new project which finally could help him express music the way he
always intended to do. After having written his solo-debut single ‘Nightfall’Timo decided to ask his friend
Mirko to shoot a music-video starring his best friend Manuel as an actor.
‘Nightfall’ was released via a Youtube-Channel called Dreambound and gained popularity quickly. The views were rising so fast, unexpected, so Timo looked for help to create something new – which later turned out to become OUR MIRAGE.
Daniel (or Maus) played as a drummer in an earlier band together with Timo before, which is why
he was the first choice. In addition to that, ManuelTimo’s best friend, joined as a bassist and second vocalist
quickly after – OUR MIRAGE was born.

Ever since the band added Stiff as their guitarist. OUR MIRAGE has its own mentality. The band gets along together so well that nearly every decision is made without any problems or hesitations. Soon the writing process for their first studio album »Lifeline« began. The band chose to address mostly unspoken topics like depression or suicide to make people aware that these problems are not only a Mirage – but are real. Still, they want to express that there always is a way out,
always is someone who understands and stands by one’s side.

When writing “Lifeline”OUR MIRAGE created their very own, unique style. The verses are calm, soft,
emotional – sometimes even sad, while the choruses seem to break through walls and create a bond to
everyone listening. Some of the lyrics are real-life stories that one of the band members experienced, while
other songs for example focus on topics like suicide and talk about how real things like these are, how they
can affect a single person feeling alone and how there always is a way out – no one is alone – ever.

After having released their first album “Lifeline” via Arising EmpireOUR MIRAGE released several music
videos that gained high popularity on Youtube. Their debut single, ‘Nightfall’, now reached over 3 million
people worldwide, all their videos were clicked over 10 million times – something the band couldn’t even have
dreamed of.
Following that, in December 2018, the band played their first ever European-Tour supporting their record-
label-mates IMMINENCE and BREATHE ATLANTIS. Ever since, the band grew. Opinions on certain things
changed or strengthened. Depressions, Anxiety, suicidal thoughts – millions of people worldwide suffer
everyday. Many fans spoke to OUR MIRAGE, be it via the internet or after shows, telling them that their music
really changed their lives, that it helped not loosing the will to live, helped to end the suffering, help to grow a
feeling of not being alone.
OUR MIRAGE became more mature, their sound in the studio changed. Newer songs turned out to be a little
more heavy musically, while adding an even more emotional approach to clean and shouted vocals. In the
studio this new mentality, the new energy could be converted into even more expressing, emotional, new
With ‘Different Eyes’OUR MIRAGE released a new music-video to one of their second album singles already.
‘Different Eyes’ speaks of a protagonist, being all alone, feeling lost, going crazy, breaking down under all
this pressure. The song introduces how another person, a love one for example, can enter your world of
anxiety and depression, how this person – having different eyes – can make your view on the world change,
can make you feel positive feelings again and help you back to happiness.
The band decided that the new album needed an even more expressing title than »Lifeline«. The Band, OUR MIRAGE, was called OUR MIRAGE, because depressions for example are feelings, others can’t see, but that are
still there – a Mirage. The bands name stands for a unity, a relations, a bond that is so special, that it can’t be
seen either, but can be felt when experiencing music. OUR MIRAGE aims to have listeners stop feeling left out,
stop feeling alone and finally realize that there always is at least someone feeling the same, having
experienced the same and being able to help. This is why their second album was called »Unseen Relations«.

OUR MIRAGE feels relations to each and everyone listening to their music, going through the same problems
they experienced or sing about. Together we can grow strong, together we can stay strong, together we can
realize who needs help, together we can help each other and grow upon ourselves.

Just know you are never alone – this Mirage is our all home.

Timo Bonner | Vocals
Steffen Hirz | Guitars
Manuel Möbs | Bass
Daniel Maus | Drums

More info:

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