Uncompromising debut music video “Deathfucked” from Estonian metallers SHKURA

Members of SHKURA are coming from Tallinn, Tartu and Riga, and are known in Baltic states underground music scene, playing in other projects such as CONDESCENSION, DESTROY URANUS, and TRACHEA.

“Our aim with DEATHFUCKED is to impress listener with the uncompromising aggression of the song. Idea to create a new band came to us about a year ago, but at the time we just couldn’t decide on the path we want to take. Covid-19 pandemic lockdown pushed us to revisit the idea and write new music. DEATHFUCKED is the result of that”.

“Deathfucked lyrically deals with a problem, that is quite prominent in society of today. Most of use strive to achieve success, wealth and recognition in various social circles aka “the dream of 21st century”. Many fall and the take the bait. For the few that succeed, too many struggle and fail, ending up burnt-out by work, becoming dependent on dopamine rush of receiving instant gratification from social media or addicted to prescription drugs or illegal substances.

Either way, it’s a war of self versus self with a causality count of one – ending up deathfucked” says band’s guitarist/vocalist Ivars.

“Video for “Deathfucked” was shot on a hot day in darkest depths of Tallinn. We wanted to shoot full band shots but, due to Covid-19 and strict travel regulations in Estonia & Latvia, we weren’t able to make that happen. If Life gives you lemons, make lemonade – we decided to film ourselves playing along the track and included that in the video. Needless to say, video captures the mood of the song very well. But it’s up to the viewer to interpret the meaning behind the visual debauchery that is “DEATHFUCKED”

You can follow the band’s activities on Instagram and Facebook.

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