CELTIC HILLS – Warpriest Lyric Video

Out today the lyric video of Warpriest by Celtic Hills from Friuli, taken from the EP Schräge Musik.

In this song, together with Jonathan Vanderbilt, we find Joe Caggianelli (Starbynary) on guitar. Joe is one of the many guests he plays alongside Celtic Hills on this EP.

Furthermore, given the great demand, it was decided to print the EP in Cardboard format and it will be offered at a special price to all those who purchase the previous ‘Blood Over Intents’

Tracklist: Schräge Musik.

1- Guardian of 7 star: Voice : Jonathan Vanderbilt, Guitars : Jonathan Vanderbilt, Leo Giraldi (ex Celtic Hills, ex Starbynary), Bass: Jacopo Novello  , Drums : Diego Ralli
2- Warpriest: Voice : Jonathan Vanderbilt, Guitars :Jonathan Vanderbilt, Leo Giraldi Daniel Longo (Azrath-11) Bass: Jacopo Novello , Drums :Sandro Farfoglia
3- Freewill: Voice : Joe Caggianelli (Derdian, Starbynary) Guitars :Leo Giraldi, Jonathan Vanderbilt, Bass: Jacopo novello, Drums :Diego Ralli / Alessandro de Fustinioni
4- Acustica: Voice : Jonathan Vanderbilt, Guitars :Jonathan Vanderbilt, Federico Marcon, Bass: Jacopo Novello
5- Big Totem: voce jonathan Vanderbilt, Guitars :Jonathan Vanderbilt, Bass: Jacopo novello, Drums :Simone Cescutti

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