SIDIUS – New Instrumental Post-Metal Music Project from Berlin

Sidus is a Berlin based post-rock instrumental one-man band formed by bass player Spiros Olivotos. After a period of experimentation and pre-production, Sidus hit the studio (P.K. Productions) to record his first E.P. with the title “Seasons Reversed”. An instrumental, cinematic, post-rock, metal collection of five compositions, creates an intense though melodic and nostalgic atmosphere. Influenced by God is an Astronaut and Explosions In the Sky but also Deftones and Hans Zimmer, this E.P. combines dynamic guitars with soundtrack vibes and memorable melodies (released on 06/11/2020). The artwork of the EP was created by Makis Olivotos. In the self-titled track Kostas Milonas (Sunburst, Foray Between Ocean, New Day Slave) is featured on drums.

The latest release and final song of the single series from the debut EP is dealing with climate change. It describes a fictional world where the seasons are reversed and great natural catastrophic events dominate the Earth. The rapid development of western civilization turned our home planet against us. The crucial question is: How far away from this fantasy world are we?

One can see from space how the human race has changed the Earth. Nearly all of the available land has been cleared of forest and is now used for agriculture or urban development. The polar icecaps are shrinking and the desert areas are increasing. At night, the Earth is no longer dark, but large areas are lit up. All of this is evidence that human exploitation of the planet is reaching a critical limit. But human demands and expectations are ever-increasing. We cannot continue to pollute the atmosphere, poison the ocean and exhaust the land. There isn’t any more available.” –Stephen Hawking

For fans of God Is An Astronaut, Cloudkicker, If These Trees Could Talk, Explosions In The Skies, Mogwai

Official music videos:
“Envy” –
“Energy In Emptiness” –
“Stellar Sky” –
“Seasons Reversed” –
“Prototypes/Replicas” –

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