KURITARVITAJA released their debute EP “Screams of Misery”

Kuritarvitaja is an abusecore act based in Tartu, Estonia since 2017 whose first EP titled “Screams of misery” was released in December.

Screams of misery” is hundred percent “do it yourself” release – all production, recording, mixing and mastering was done by band’s guitarist nossu. The cassettes and CDs, which are released in beginning of 2021, will also be released by the band itself.

Nossu says that, in his opinion, this EP represents the band’s morphing from hardcore punk phase to a heavier, crust punk and sludge metal influenced sound and style and this also reflects in the tracklist – all tracks are in chronological order with their writing. “You can feel that we are somewhat still discovering our sound and style. The sound side itself could also be done a lot better, because I’m still learning to do it, but at the same time we are not chasing a traditional heavy music sound or a sterile mix”, he says.

Despite the fact that the EP is still raw and far from perfection, it is still a pure expression of band’s emotions and ideas and gives the listener a glimpse of the direction in which we are moving musically”, adds Kuritarvitaja’s vocalist Märt Kruusmann.

Guitarrist Rauno Tali’s opinion is that “Screams of Misery” is the best piece of music that has been recorded in our solar system (not counting Mercury) and that it cures cancer and eyesight.

Screams of Misery” is downloadable for free in Bandcamp and listenable on YouTube.

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