COCAINE KAMIKAZE – watch the music video for new single “In Nomine Cokaze”

The day has finally come. The foul creature also known as COCAINE KAMIKAZE is ready to spread its freakish message worldwide. To free the world from smartphones, influencers’ and modernity slavery.

Click here to watch the official video for the song “In Nomine Cokaze”, the first single taken from the band’s new album “The Gentle Art of Snorting Cocaine and Killing People in the Name of Satan”. The video sees the filmmaker and producer Aleks Graven behind the camera.

The Italian death metal band chose to release and promote the new album in an unconventional way. From time to time a new single will be made available until the tracklist will be complete. Like for a TV show, fans will be able to listen to the new studio album little by little, episode after episode, and, when all the tracks will be released, they will decide if to purchase the CD/vinyl version of the album eventually.

COCAINE KAMIKAZE already set a date for the release of the next single: “Deserved Abuse” will be out on February, 15th 2021 on Ad Noctem Records.

The band’s statement: “We are a tank with an euro zero engine, fueled by shoddy vodka and curses


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COCAINE KAMIKAZE release music video for new single “Deserved Abuse”


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