Finnish melodic metal band EVERTURE released a third single & music video from their upcoming debut album!

Promo pic by: Henri Korhonen @hl.foto

Finnish modern melodic metal band Everture is set to release their debut album Emerge on February 26th 2021 via Inverse Records. The band released their third single Undersky today.

Guitarist Matti Hautakangas comments:
“Undersky is a big sturdy metal song with the kind of marching pace that just gets to people. And of course the song has super catchy melodies and a huge chorus. The mood is somewhat uplifting and exciting at a point where hopelessness meets hopefullness.

This song tells a story of a person who stumbles upon an unbelievably beautiful place. Soon discovering that it had been a secret of divine beings that are persecuting anyone who knows about it. Now our “protagonist” is forced to live their last days on the run finding people who are willing to unite against the oppression. People who also want to find better life and fair treatment to all.”

Listen to Undersky single on:
Apple Music: 

Album cover art by: Petri Lampela


  1. In Between
  2. For Tomorrow
  3. Undersky
  4. The River Flows
  5. Promises
  6. Ivory Tower
  7. The Unfortunate End
  8. White Lies, Black Skies
  9. My 52 Shades
  10. Closure


Jere Kuokkanen – vocals
Matti Hautakangas – guitar
Oskari Niskala – guitar
Samuli Kielenniva – bass
Olli Vuoti – drums 


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