DÉCEMBRE NOIR premier video for A Swan Lake Full of Tears!

“In a quite early stage of the album production, the idea arose to translate or better to illustrate the meaning of this song by means of a choreography of a female dancer. Our plan was to bring it directly on stage in the beginning of our release shows in November and throughout summer 2020 all the planning progress seemed promising. Unfortunately, due to the current situation, we were forced to work out a plan B. We found a way to follow our idea and used the time to plan and shoot a new music video in the very location the release shows should had been taken place.“

The video was once again directed by the golden hands of Simon Roloff, who already captured the visually stunning clip for the song Hope/Renaissance.

The dancing part was done by the fantastic Veronica Bracaccini.

Hope is one of those things. That which is hope for one person can cause deep suffering for others. Hope always has a personal and very individual component. Just think of the very sensitive subject of active euthanasia. What a strong desire and what unconditionality must underlie the hope of finally being allowed to die. And what suffering must be experienced by the person who fulfils this wish out of love. This martyrdom of devotion, which cannot be imagined, is taken up in the artwork of “The Renaissance Of Hope”. But once again: Hope can be so diverse, even if this term encases an unimaginable portrait of humanity itself.

Since 2008, DÉCEMBRE NOIR have introduced and developed their melancholic-melodic mix of Death and Doom metal. Following the LIFEFORCE RECORDS debut “Autumn Kings” from 2018, “The Renaissance Of Hope” marks the fourth album of this band from Thuringia. The quintet from Erfurt proves a grown feeling for the musical realisation of darkly coloured emotions and respective moods. As with the term hope itself, it is the same with the new songs of the group. Sometimes they are received with encouragement and confidence. Then again you feel a deep sadness, which grounds the listeners abruptly. “The Renaissance Of Hope” has been recorded at Alexander Dietz‘ (Heaven Shall Burn, Gruppe Planet) Chemical Burn Studio, who has been working with DÉCEMBRE NOIR since 2014.

Décembre Noir servieren ein anmutend schönes, wenn auch zerreissendes Album, welches zwischen Licht und Dunkel pendelt. 


Diese Band steht eben nicht mit einem Bein im Grab. Dazu ist das Leben nämlich immer noch zu schön. Genau wie das gesamte Album – sechs Songs von je gut sechs bis neun Minuten voller vertonter Gefühle. Mächtig. Gewaltig …

LEGACY 14/15

Mit ihrem vierten Album dürften Décembre Noir ziemlich jeden, der eine Schwäche für das Frühwerk von My Dying Bride und Paradise Lost hat, endgültig für sich gewinnen können.


Dabei begeistert die Band nicht nur mit ihrer technischen Präzision in den tragenden Elementen, sondern auch dem scheinbar unendlichen Gefühl, welches die Thüringer in das Flüstern und die Growls legen – Emotionen, die für einen Schauer nach dem anderen sorgen. 

Das aktuelle Album ist wieder ein vortrefflicher Mix aus Schwermut und Schwermetall.

DECEMBRE NOIR have crafted something special with “The Renaissance of Hope,” an album that is emotionally heavy as the music from which it comes. I can’t think of any reason why any fan of melodic death/doom wouldn’t need this in their life.

Décembre Noir are masters at crush and acoustics, which are central requirements to melodic doom. Can your riffs inspire sadness and yet can you also remove distortion while still keeping form? It’s a resounding yes here, with some of the most emotionally charged passages I’ve heard in awhile with a deep, tomb-like resonance that fits the style exceedingly well.

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