INFECTED HUMANS unveil the second single from debut album Unexpected Traumatic Experiences. Hear ‘Calcining Human Flesh’ at Metal Bite now!

Following in the bloody footsteps of ‘Killing Perservately Depressed‘, Ecuadorian brutal death metal beasts Infected Humans have unleashed a second single from their Unexpected Traumatic Experiences debut album – ‘Calcining Human Flesh‘! The twisted mass of riffs and bad intent is available to experience now at Metal Bite, so kick off your winter festivities with a dose of Gore House Productions approved sickness here:

This bestial track features a guest vocal performance from Sonny Trujillo of Cadaverous Infest that adds an extra spike of savagery to proceedings. Infected Humans are not just another typical brutal death metal band, as you’ll soon find out. Trying to describe their own first encounter with this wickedly unhinged band, Metal Bite have said,
I remember listening to this thing and wondering just what the fuck is going on. Listed as brutal death metal but sounds like I don’t know what. Tin-like, lo-fi blast beats, a vocalist that sounds like a portable generator, riffs picked straight out of black and death metal’s 90s playbook and a downright evil production.”

So while you’re waiting for Unexpected Traumatic Experiences to tear you apart on January 15th, head to Metal Bite for a first taste of the gargantuan pain to come!

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