Horror Pain Gore Death Productions set to release new EP from WOLVES ATTACK!!; “Rest In Piss” coming January 29th

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions are set to release the new EP from Philadelphia’s Hardcore/Thrash party punks Wolves Attack!! Rest In Piss is up now for pre-order and will be released January 29th as a Digital Album along with T-Shirt.

Wolves Attack!! return to Horror Pain Gore Death with the new EP Rest In Piss! Nearly 4 years after unleashing their debut release Piss on Everything, Philly’s one and only 30 pack party punks Wolves Attack!! vomit forth 6 blistering drunkcore party tunes to hold you over in this pandemic.

Rest In Piss is the ideal musical assault to listen to while you keep drinking 40’s and continue punching your Mom’s basement walls! For fans of The Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza, DRI, Eat The Turnbuckle, GG Allin, Ghoul, Gwar, Integrity, Iron Reagan, The Murder Junkies, Pink Mass, Pulling Teeth, Ringworm, Snapcase, Sparklefight and Wolfbrigade

Listen to album track “Heavy Breathing” at

Pre-order Rest In Piss at

Pre-save this release on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. at


  1. Heavy Breathing
  2. Camp Wolf
  3. Teeth
  4. Neverending 40
  5. We Bite (Misfits cover)
  6. Full Moon Fuckbeast

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