TENEBRO sign to Xtreem Music; 1st single, cover art and tracklist revealed

   Italian Horror Death Metal band TENEBRO has just inked a deal with Xtreem Music for the release of their debut album due to come out around summer 2021, but before that, the band will see their debut “Demo 2019” and recenetly released cassette EP “Liberaci dal Male” both on CD format next 23rd of February through Xtreem Music under the title of “Liberaci dal Male“.

TENEBRO is a Horror Glorifying Death Metal band from Italy. Inspired and influenced by Italian horror cult movies from the 70/80’s. The horrendous concept comes from Il Beccamorto‘s (aka Mortician in English) long-lived family business of funeral directors which they are handing down since 1949.

     The TENEBRO concept starts back in early 2000’s. After various problems and due to illegal activities of the early lineup which has never officially recorded anything, Il Becchino has been forced to stop immediately the project. During the last years, he started to write music again that was recorded in 2019 with the help of Il Beccamorto. So… the “Demo 2019” was born in March of the same year.

     After a short time from the release, Il Beccamorto officially joins the infamous sect. Now TENEBRO just released a new 3-song EP called “Liberaci dal Male” on cassette format on December 25th, 2020 and to be released on CD format together with the “Demo 2019” in February 2021 through Xtreem Music, label for which they have signed a deal for their debut full-length album later the same year. Lovers of MORTICIAN & ROTTREVORE, watch out!!

Tracklist for “Liberaci dal Male” is as follows:

1. Cannibalismo Sanguinario
2. Arte Funeraria
3. Il Lamento dei Malati
4. Seppellendo i Morti
5. Nel Terrore
6. All’interno del Cimitero

     Release date for “Liberaci dal Male” will be February 23rd, 2021 through Xtreem Music on CD format. You can listen to a song from the MCD on the following link: https://youtu.be/2MSUeFh1o9I

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