WOLFCHANT – 70000 Tons Of Metal song & video released

Southern German pagan metal band WOLFCHANT release their brand new song “70000 Tons Of Metal” which is an tribute to the well known 70000 Tons Of Metal Cruise taking place each year in the caribbean sea.

Since 2003 WOLFCHANT has successfully set out to prove that the proverbial “metal hammer” does not only hang in Scandinavia. Extreme Metal mixed with timeless melodies, driving riffs followed by epic parts and aggressive screams paired with choral singing are what awaits the listener.

After signing a world wide record deal with the up-and-coming label REAPER ENTERTAINMENT EUROPE earlier this year, WOLFCHANT now give a first sign of live releasing the new metal hymn for 70000 Tons Of Metal!

The full animated video clip was done by students in the Bachelor of Design (Animation & Interactive Media) program at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. They spent the last 13 weeks working on the video, resulting in a hilariously funny animated short. Producers Aaron McLoughlin & Simon Norton spent around 3000 working hours with their team to create the video. (credti list below)

The premiere will be on December 30th, 2020 on 8:00pm CET.
Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTH89KdHNsE

The band states:
“After 4 years without any new music from WOLFCHANT we present you our first new song today. We’ve dedicated a song to our friends and fellow Sailors of 70000TONS OF METAL. We wish you a lot of fun with the song “70000 Tons Of Metal” and the crazy new cartoon video”

Aaron McLoughlin adds:
“The RMIT animation students put in an outstanding effort on this video under strict COVID-19 lockdown in Australia. Powered by Wolfchant’s mighty seafaring festive anthem, each artist worked remotely from home and synchronised online under Simon Norton’s amazing e-supervision to produce the ultimate whale-belly party welcoming the new year!”

In cooperation with Flori Milz (Reaper Entertainment) and Aaron McLoughlin (RMIT), the University created a lot animated videos in the last years, for bands like ALESTORM, CHILDREN OF BODOM, KORPIKLANI, PAIN, TANKARD, SUICIDAL ANGELS and many more…

WOLFCHANT just finisched the recordings of their new studio album which will be released in spring of 2021!

More Info about the new album soon.

Created by students in the Bachelor of Design (Animation & Interactive Media) program at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia.
Directors: Aurianne MacKney, Hannah Nichols
Production Managers: Hannah Nichols, Simon Norton, Aonghas Shearer-Boyd
Production Design: Jiayi Cai, Yutian Cai, Menghua Chen, Jack Cornish, Jan Heenan, Carmen La, Aurianne MacKney, Patricia McKean, Hannah Nichols, Simon Norton, Linn Htut Oo, Jingyi Pang, Phuong Giao Phung, Aonghas Shearer-Boyd, Hongyin Shi, Francis Sta Maria, Mettalia Tanjaya, Kevin Vo, Hongyu Wang
Character Design: Linn Htut Oo, Phuong Giao Phung, Hongyin Shi, Kevin Vo
Background Design: Jiayi Cai, Yutian Cai, Jingyi Pang, Phuong Giao Phung,
Compositing and Effects Design: Jack Cornish
Lead Animators: Yutian Cai, Jan Heenan, Carmen La, Aurianne MacKney, Hannah Nichols, Simon Norton, Linn Htut Oo, Jingyi Pang, Phuong Giao Phung, Hongyin Shi, Francis Sta Maria, Kevin Vo, Hongyu Wang
Assistant Animators: Lauren Ambry, Jiayi Cai, Menghua Chen, Freya Dahlstrom, James McIntosh, Vrenchllynch Salim, Chenjun Song, Mettalia Tanjaya, Buu Man Vuong
Background Artists: Jiayi Cai, Menghua Chen, Patricia McKean, Phuong Giao Phung, Jingyi Pang,
Compositing: Jack Cornish, Aaron McLoughlin, Simon Norton, Francis Sta Maria, Kevin Vo
Producers: Aaron McLoughlin, Simon Norton

Facebook: www.facebook.com/wolfchantofficial

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