STRIKE AVENUE, “Antiresurrection” is the new album

Deathcore/deathmetal band Strike Avenue (Italy) have released their fifth album studio “Antiresurrection” on December 18th.Here some details: “Antiresurrection” is the fifth studio work and, as the previous “Human Golgotha”, it is a concept from the artwork to the lyrics of each single song: the abyss of the human soul, the decadence of the present and the dark future. A dystopian plot that sees its evolution in each chapter / song, each with its own story and its own visual personality, but all linked by the same themes, and by a soundtrack imbued with fast and pachydermic rhythms, tight riffs and voices that leave no room for calm, between old school deathmetal, latest generation deathcore, slam influences and black passages.

It was a whole year’s work between composition, recordings and publication, divided between Cosenza and Vicenza (Italy), and largely anticipated by the single titletrack “Antiresurrection”.
The promotion will be entrusted to the video of the single “Dominium Mali”, where the charm and the provocative and bewitching beauty of evil is interpreted by the model, the main protagonist.
The entire artistic production – recording, mixing, mastering, artwork and video – is curated by Strike Avenue ( Blackrain Media Cosenza – Italy).
Guitar endorsement for John is the De Gattis Guitars”

01 – Antiresurrection
02 – The Cold Breath Of Death
03 – Dominium Mali
04 – The Fierce Reckoning
05 – Human Genocide
06 – Monument Of Untruth
07 – Ineluctable Desolation
08 – The Darkest Soul
09 – The Satan Century
10 – Antihero Vengeance

Strike Avenue – deathmetal / deathcore – Est. 2008
Phil, John, Bellua, Sergio, Rox

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