PLAGUE WEAVER Prepares An Unholy Crusade With “Nothing Is Sacred” Off Upcoming EP Out Feb 26th

Canada’s Plague Weaver embodies the frigid national landscape in their upcoming album “Ascendant Blasphemy” due to be unleashed in early 2021.

The first single from this formidable black metal act is the album opener, “Nothing Is Sacred”. This song starts off with a low-mid tempo, as it attempts to welcome the listener. The track quickly explodes into the verse sections with a faster tempo and more energetic vocals. The bridge introduces some extra guitar leads, and prepares the listener for the repetitive outro vocals, repeating the phrase ‘Nothing is Sacred’. Let it be done.’ Plague Weaver shares their expectations for the record’s reception:

“We think fans who have heard the previous EP will enjoy this album. ‘Ascendant Blasphemy’ is an evolution, no doubt. Definitely more aggressive, and more riff-driven overall, without abandoning Plague Weaver’s doom-inspired roots on songs like ‘In Exitium Caeli’ and ‘..of Quivering Doves’.”

“Ascendant Blasphemy” is a sure shot in its musical direction. It’s a journey from start to finish that is not without its own heaps and valleys. Vocalist JC explains that the lyrics are a loose concept that follows a series of Satanic philosophies or questions considered from a Satanic perspective, illustrated to a loose fictional idea he has been throwing around for a while.

Punishing and grim, Plague Weaver is ideal for old school black metal fans and those who are particularly fond of  Dissection, Rotting Christ, and (old) Samael.

“Nothing Is Sacred” can be heard via its premiere on MetalInjection HERE.

The entirety of “Ascendant Blasphemy” will be revealed on February 26, 2021.

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Track Listing:
1. Nothing Is Sacred (5;24)
2. Lay Fire (4:34)
3. Blood Runs Not (4:17)
4. Seek To Betray (4:34)
5. Upheaval and Arson (5:29)
6. Of Quivering Doves (4:34)
7. Deicidal Usurper (4:37)
8. In Exitium Caeli (4:41)
Album Length: 38:12

More Info:

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