GRAVESEND – “End Of The Line” From New York City Black/Death Trio Now Playing; Methods Of Human Disposal Debut LP Preorders Issued By 20 Buck Spin

20 Buck Spin prepares for the label’s first release of 2021, the Methods Of Human Disposal debut LP from New York City’s GRAVESEND. A new track from the demoralizing album, “End Of The Line,” has been issued for streaming alongside digital and physical preorders.

Sure to be one of the most disgustingly savage 2021 releases, Methods Of Human Disposal was recorded in September 2020 by Nolan Voss of Thirty Legion, mixed by Arthur Rizk (Power Trip, Tomb Mold, Xibalba), and mastered by Brad Boatright (Obituary, Vastum, Terminal Nation).

Stream GRAVESEND’s new Methods Of Human Disposal single “End Of The Line” at YouTube HERE and Bandcamp HERE.

Fans of Archgoat, Teitanblood, Napalm Death, Nausea, freebasing, sleeping in parks with a newspaper blanket, stepping on needles, bodybags floating in New York Harbor, and the City Morgue Gift Shop should be prepared to endure Methods Of Human Disposal.

20 Buck Spin leaks this auditory scourge on LP, CD, cassette, and digital formats February 19th. Find preorders at the label webshop HERE and Bandcamp HERE. Also see the band’s video for “Needle Park” HERE.

GRAVESEND arises with ill intent like a foul emanation from the aging sewage filled rot slowly winding its way beneath the city’s vast concrete walls and pavement pathways; a New York of discarded needles, noxious fumes, scavenging rats, broken bottles, and cracked minds. An aural manifesto of urban blight and disgust, Methods Of Human Disposal is the appropriately grotesque follow-up to their cult-revered Preparations For Human Disposal 2020 demo. The LP works like a lone killer stalking the streets, internally seething with rage, preparing to cast off the last remnants of restraint. Bear witness to savage black/death metal with a hellish grindcore fixation, searing warped speeds, and the slowly swelling carnage of a derailed subway pileup. Like the centuries old cemetery that bears its name, the fetid stench of death and decay permeates GRAVESEND and the predatory wrath and inhumanity embodied in Methods Of Human Disposal holds up a shattered mirror reflecting back the filth and corruption of a New York that never really went away.

Watch for additional audio from the album to be issued in the weeks ahead.

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