Nest of Plagues Interview

When did you start Nest of Plagues? What did you expect, how hard will it be to start?

Dani: The first line-up that we started calling Nest of Plagues if I remember correctly was in 2014. I expected that this will be the cheapest, easiest, most relaxing and healthiest entertainment ever, so I wasn’t scared when we started it. But this is really the most amazing thing to do ever, so I don’t regret anything at all.

Cilimili: In truth we never expected anything, we were happy that a band has finally got together where we could play death metal. The fact that it is still going with the same enthusiasm reflects our own inability to develop… and yes it is really the cheapest fun in the world…

Máté: We started in ’14, since then we had a few changes at the guitar section but now the line-up is finally good. We didn’t calculate how hard will it be to start, because we only wanted to play music. There were some lethargy and some debate but we always got through it together, and I think that we are finally at a place where all of us is motivated.

What was the first obstacle you needed to fix?

Dani: We had to fire the lazy members all the time. Because of that we only played as a trio for a year, but we were able to fix that entirely and the line-up is now rock solid.

Cilimili: The biggest obstacle was to unify the difference in our musical taste. But we could only achive partial results in that, now that we are writing our second album.

Máté: For me it was to accept that the laziness, going stupid and the self-destruction is a must in a band. Cilimili Fraction leader sir showed me the way, since then I’m very happy.

Evi: I had to change the entire way how I lived my life before. I had to move into Budapest, and I had to spend all of my fortune on guitars. But it’s all right, I’m fine now!

Which members were the part of the first line-up and how many changes were to it since then?

Dani: Actually Nest of Plagues was the continuation of my and Máté’s old band Doublethink. We wanted to play death metal and groove metal monstrosities so when Balázs joined with our old guitarist Bölcskey Tamás, we changed the name to Nest of Plagues.

You have some songs that a lot of people like. Which bigger bands did the fans find in you, who did they compare you to? What kind of values would you name in Nest of Plagues?

Dani: I don’t know who did they compare us to, I even heard that we sound like the old Iron Maiden. In any case I always liked that people who don’t understand metal that much, often said that they never knew that death metal could be so melodic. I was always happy about this and I would say that this is our biggest value, that we are playing melodic music as well as really heavy music.

Cilimili: They’ve compared us to a lot of bands before: Gojira, Whitechapel, Architects, Ektomorf (laughs uncontrollably). I don’t remember anymore, but the truth is we are not similiar to any band, we just steal stuff from everywhere. I think the biggest value in Nest is love. 😊

Máté: Peace, love and unity in metal and in the underground scene.

Evi: Nest is the fourth band I’m in and this is totally different from the others because all four of us love each other and we are together a lot even outside band time. We’re constantly planning and talking about stuff and ruin each other’s apartement (not) and this is why it’s working on stage, too.

If we imagine a scale from 1 to 10, on which point are you at in reaching your goals? How much do you like to plan and dream?

Dani: I really love to dream. I think that even in our wildest dreams, that would be that our music would be heard everywhere in the world, there is some reality. However we have to put much more work into it, particularly in online marketing. So I think on a scale from 1 to 10 we are at around 6-7.

Cilimili: Yea I think 6-7 sounds about right. Maybe 6 a bit more: a bit better band than the avarage in the underground. In truth we like to stay as optimistic as we can: US tour, world tour, record deal etc. We obviously dream about these things. But if we reach a level which is „worse” by one or we rot in the hungarian metal underground, we’re still going to be very happy. We don’t need a record deal or fans if we want to drink ourselves to death…

Máté: We planned and dreamed before but we couldn’t realistically say where we were at. I think we improved in that as well when we were a trio in 2019. Dani started organizing our own shows, Cili managed our Instagram etc.. Then Evi came and she is very skillful in marketing. We still need to improve our live performance a lot and we have to promote our next album a lot better.

Evi: Jesus I was going to say 3 and all of these guys are saying 6 or 7! If we say 10 is being world famous, we are very fucking far away from that. We have a stable line-up, instrumental knowledge, professionally mixed songs, a few music videos, but these are the basics in my opinion. We can make a sold out show in Budapest, we can say that this is one step. I could tell you till tomorrow what are the things we still have to do but whatever, let’s just leave it at that.

Imagine now that I put a record deal with Nuclear Blast in front of you. What kind of questions rise up in you?

Dani: So will I have 3 golden sunbeds next to my pool or 4?

Cili: How much will Nuclear Blast make on us?

Máté: When can I be the CEO?

Evi: When can Máté be the CEO?

COVID has turned things upside down but you had concerts before. Do you have a convincing amount of audience? Are there a lot of people congratulating you after the shows?

Dani: At Budapest we usually have sold out gigs. When we’re playing in smaller cities in Hungary, it’s not that easy to predict, but it’s hard for bigger metal bands too, not only for the underground.

Cilimili: Hopefully there will be a bigger wave of going to concerts after the quarantine ends, just like the first time. We have to earn the big bucks then.

Máté: The audience varies, but the mood is usually fucking great.

Evi: We had a gig at Barba Negra Music Club at Budapest that my parents came to see and they said at the end that they would have listened to us for more. They’ve never said anything like this before so I don’t need a bigger congratulations than that. 😀

By the way, how much did this virus thing blocked the band?

Dani: It’s fucking disappointing that we didn’t have any gigs. We couldn’t save that much money for our next album, either. But we managed to write the songs faster, and we strenghtened in marketing too, thanks to our beloved marketing boss, Evi.

Evi: I think that we wouldn’t made this much progress if it hasn’t been for that. If we have gigs, then we don’t go to rehearsal, and all of us had tons of things to do besides that. In spite of that it had a very negative effect on me (and has to this day), I have to admit that we wouldn’t have released a lyric video and a music video, we wouldn’t have recorded 6 songs for our next LP and we wouldn’t have written the songs this effectively.

Your next LP, from which you’ve already released 3 songs, will be released in 2021. You have a different line-up and you’re more mature now. What kind of changes did you notice in writing the songs and in recording them? How will your second album be different?

Dani: I couldn’t say that we are more mature. We’re constantly making progress in music and we have a big impact on each other: for example I always hate what the others are listening to.

Máté: We take much more time in writing music. When we were writing End Of The Comedy, we rushed ourselves. We spent more time writing and recording, too. We record the songs in parts so we don’t have to deal with this all at once. The album will be different in how the deathcore and death metal elements are dominating in it. We wanted some songs to be more popular. More melodies, shorter duration, more acceptable build-ups. In some songs we wanted to become more progressive and mix some styles. The lyrics are much more around the same theme. It’ll be more organized than our first album.

When it’s gonna be released and in what format?

Cilimili: Surprise!

What kind of music are you usually partying to? Are you usually going to the concerts of other bands?

Dani: Nowadays I’m playing chess to Scooter. It’s outrageous!

Cilimili: Our partying anthems are Hypa Hypa and the Rasputin Nightcore remix, I recommend these to everyone.

Máté: I usually go to concerts and I miss them very much. I have a various taste in music and parties. What’s important is to get fucked up.

Evi: Before quarantine I went partying 3-4 times a week, and I went to a lot of concerts. But right now partying means that Cilimili turns on Hypa Hypa and all four of us scream at the top of our lungs, and it has it’s own beauty, too.

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