Funeral Drone Duo ALEXANDER (ft. Members of Zaum, Jealousy Mountain Duo) Share Video “Runes”

For Fans of Sunn O))), Boris, Merzbow, Caspar Brötzmann Massaker, Burial Chamber Trio, Lustmord, Neurosis

L-R – Kyle Alexander McDonald (Voices, Bass, Sub Synth) and Jörg Alexander Schneider (Drums, Percussion)

Comprised of Kyle Alexander McDonald (Voices, Bass, Sub Synth, and FX) of Canadian mantra doom band ZAUM and Jörg Alexander Schneider (Drums, Percussion) of German free jazz band Jealousy Mountain Duo, the funeral drone twosome known as Alexander have a new video to share for their track “Runes” off their debut album “I”, released this past October via Superbob Records.

“Runes” is a monstrous boundless ambient encounter, taking a listener on an over 19-minute convergence of unbiased soundscapes.

“To me, the track and the concept of Alexander symbolizes a future of humans and earth where no bounds, no cliches, no barriers exist anymore, it’s far beyond words and rhythms, metaphysical exploration where just sounds and silence exists,” adds Jörg Alexander Schneider.

The video for “Runes” can be viewed and heard via its premiere on MetalInjection HERE.

“I”, the two-track monolithic funeral drone experience is a dark and intangible descent into madness that echoes with reverberation plus drawn-out riffs and comes from the duo’s shared appreciation of experimentation and true artistic expression within music and sound.

“Fans of our other musical endeavours should find this fits quite almost as expected in a sense. No lyrics, writing is channeled directly from the fringe of the universe. Reconsider the reality of your existence, in the present moment. Allow yourself to have your perspective altered!”

Just now commencing their audiological voyage, Alexander suggests that several more experimental funeral drone albums will follow. Alexander is recommended for fans of Sunn O))), Boris, and Merzbow.

“I” is available via Superbob Records on 12” LP.

Album order in Germany/Europe –

Album order in Canada/USA  –

Track Listing:
1. Astral Descent (15:14)
2. Runes (19:23)
Album Length: 34:38

For more info:

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