Spain’s BONECARVER launches from Cannibal Grandpa ashes with new single

Spanish death metal titans rename and sign with with Unique Leader

New album Evil to be released via Unique Leader on 5th March

BONECARVER, the leading band in the underground brutal death metal / slam scene in Madrid, have signed to Unique Leader and will release their new album Evil on 5th March.

Formerly known as Cannibal Grandpa, the quartet return with their most uncompromisingly brutal record yet, and a new name to represent their reinvention.

Watch the video to ‘Revolver’, the first single taken from the new album, here:

On signing with Unique Leader, the band comment: “Signing with Unique Leader Records is an honour for us, since we’ve been following their work and their roster since the beginning of the band. We are sure that working together, we’ll achieve many goals that have been in our minds for so long!”

On the name change, they continue: “We changed the band name from Cannibal Grandpa to BONECARVER as we felt the band had been reinvented. The result was Evil, our most elaborate, mature and powerful album we have ever written.”

The name change ties in with the album concept, the band explain: “Evil‘s album cover represents the death of the Cannibal Grandpa and the birth of BONECARVER. We continue the legacy of Cannibal Grandpa, telling stories about American serial killer Albert Fish, who died in the electric chair. Some of the atrocities he committed are part of the conceptual side of every one of our albums. When Cannibal Grandpa left this world, a darker and more ancient evil woke up to bring balance. Evil that reflects the pain and perdition behind the things we understand and the things we don’t. Evil that pursues life and destroys our dreams. Evil living behind a mask. A mask that contains the darkest desires and the most shameful acts of humanity. A cursed object that contains a deity from the deepest abyss. The face of hard look carved in bone.”

Track listing:

1. Revolver
2. Overtorture
3. The Scythe
5. Wormhole
6. Moon Maniac
7. Nest Of Traitors
8. Hound Pound
9. The Blacksmith’s Massacre
10. Evil

Formed in 2014, BONECARVER released their first demos on YouTube and started playing live under the name Cannibal Grandpa. In 2015 they released their first album and played with bands as Rise of The Northstar, Here Comes The Kraken and Resurrection Fest, and embarked on their first European tour in 2017 in France, Belgium and The Netherlands. The same year they released their second album Septum Signa Inferno via Slam Worldwide, with Rok from Within Destruction featuring as a guest for a single ‘Mandinga’.  In 2017 they played more than 50 shows in Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland and Czech Republic, Download Festival in Madrid, DeathFeast in Germany and Fall In The Brawl Festival in the UK.

The quartet have always been fascinated by serial killers and their unique combination of innovative extreme metal styles and murder tales quickly took them to the top of the Spanish death metal underground. They represent Madrid’s brutality at its best. They are determined leaders of modern Spanish brutality.  

In summer of 2020 they signed a deal with Unique Leader Records and changed their name to BONECARVER“Sometimes we must destroy standards in order to rebuild. Destroy the ordinary to create extraordinary new start, create a fresh moniker from the ruins.”

BONECARVER will appear at Resurrection Festival, Spain, on 4th June 2021, with more dates to be announced.


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