LOTAN release debut EP “Nihil sacrum” today

Today is the day the idols start to fall. LOTAN, the Danish melodic black metal band featuring two members from Vanir, release their debut EP “Nihil sacrum” via UPRISING! Records. 

In draconian times, like the ones the world is currently living, the apocalyptic, epic melodic black metal approach of Lotan might very well be the soundtrack of the state of the world address. And the five tracks in “Nihil sacrum” doesn’t disappoint.

Hear or download “Nihil sacrum” in this link.

LOTAN “Wolfpack” lyric video

Nihil sacrum” is released in all relevant digital platforms today via UPRISING! Records. 


1. Wolfpack
2. Acta Non Verba
3. Deus Mortuorum
4. Tenebrae subit
5. Pulvis et umbra sumus

Lotan (Leviathan) – The seven-headed dragon and the origin of chaos who began a war against the cosmic order and gods. Lotan is a melodic black metal band from Denmark. Formed by Phillip Kaaber (Vanir) and Martin Rubini (Vanir), and joined by live members; Lasse Guldbæk (Abscission, Vanir), Christian haystack (Fall of Pantheon, Ethereal Kingdoms) and Jon Smith (Ethereal Kingdoms).

The first wave of EPs plotted for this year starts now. Lotan’s lyrical universe is inspired by a mix between satanic spiritualism and existentialism. The music is melodic, heavy, and aggressive.

The concept that we as individuals have a true form, a true purpose, or a true meaning dictated by deities or any truth Sayers being divine or political is ridiculous. To become the dragon, we must first break of all chains of gods and men and revolt against the cosmic order. To be free one must truly live and to do that, no god or man can be the subject of our destiny other than ourselves.

Kill your masters – kill your god.

Phillip Kaaber – guitars, bass
Martin Rubini – vocals

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