SHADOWSPAWN release new album “The Biology Of Disbelief” in April

With powerful riffs in an old school death metal and groovy cocktail, Danish death-metallers SHADOWSPAWN are back with their third release, “The Biology of Disbelief”, released by Emanzipation Productions on April 16th, 2021.

Since the release of the former album “Hope Lies Dormant”, Shadowspawn has worked tirelessly to bring more depth, more dynamics, more groove and even more aggression into their sound. “The Biology of Disbelief” consists of ten groovy death metal tracks, set in a abstract lyrical world of steampunk and religious criticism. A story told in abstract yet precise and critical terms, concerning religion, misinformation and disbelief. 

The drums are recorded and produced by Tue Madsen at renowned Antfarm Studios. Otherwise mixed and produced by the band itself. Recorded during the fall of 2020 at both Antfarm and our own studio. Tue Madsen ponders about the sound of the youngsters: “Good quality old school death metal, which is always good for the soul”. 

“The Biology Of Disbelief” tracklist:
1. Under The Blood Red Moon
2. Obliteration Exceptional
3. Daughters Of Lot
4. In The Light Of Darness
5. Return To Ashes
6. Rite Of Passage
7. The Biology Of Disbelief
8. Decreating The Prestine
9. Dark Dawn Take Me
10. Bite The Pain 

The band returns the compliment: “Working with Tue Madsen has been a great experience, and helped us a lot in our goal to achieve the dynamic yet tight sound of this record. Growing up with bands like Illdisposed, Carcass, Benediction and Asphyx, sets the tone and of course some musical inspiration as to where we are going and what influences us”, bassist Kelvin Dam states. 

Shadowspawn hails from the greater Copenhagen area in Denmark and has existed since 2013. Following a 4 track demo, the band released the six-tracker “Ashes of Sorrow” in 2015. Two years later, the band released their first full album entitled  “Hope Lies Dormant”. The album was very well received worldwide, and was announced Album of the Year 2017 by

Line up:
Nicolai Cheung – guitars
Kelvin Dam – bass
Bue Torin Jensen – vocals 
Oliver Ragnar Larsen – guitars
Danni Jelsgaard – drums 



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