TIM’S FAVOURITE released new single ‘A Deeper Advantage’

On the 15th of January, 2021, the Belgian metalband Tim’s Favourite released its new single “A Deeper Advantage” along with a corresponding lyrics video. As of now, the single is available on all major streaming platforms. “A Deeper Advantage” will be part of their upcoming new album.

The lyrics video can be found at

Musically, A Deeper Advantage is vintage Tim’s Favourite: groovy and pretty thrashy riffs to headbang to, with more subtle, melancholic passages and grunge-like vocals. It was, like their previous albums, home-recorded.

Lyrically, the song explores the question of all questions: in a universe of electrons, selfish genes and blind physical forces, is there really, as some would like us to believe, nothing – no purpose, no evil, no good – beyond pitiless indifference? Frontman Jan Pauwels explains: “In short, you can see the clip as a sort of travalogue through the inner world of someone who is totally paralyzed by the Darwinian paradigm”.

Most of the song was written pre-corona, but the finishing touches were added during the current pandemic. The band feels that somehow this has given the lyrics an extra layer of content: “The song’s final cry of despair —“How much longer, God?”— might well be a perfect wording of what is probably the most widely felt sentiment on Earth these days.”

For the lyrics video, Tim’s Favourite teamed up once again with visual-artist Drain Hope, who also edited their previous music video The Unbearable Lightness of the new Atheism.

Tim’s Favourite is a Belgian four-piece combining thrashmetal with influences of grunge and alternative metal à la Tool and Alice In Chains. Currently, they have released 3 studio albums. If Covid-19 lends its permission, the live debut of A Deeper Advantage will be on their 26th of March show in Antwerp (Belgium).


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