Blackened Death ANCIENT THRONES Drum Playthrough “The Millionth Grave”

New Album “The Veil” Out Now!

L-R: Dylan Wallace (Guitar)| Nick Leslie (Guitar)| Sean Hickey (Drums, Vocals)| Matt LeBlanc (Bass)
Photo Credit – Matt LeBlanc

This past November, Halifax, Canada’s Ancient Thrones unleashed their concept album “The Veil”. The full length is 57-minute descent into the afterlife telling the story of grief that people can relate to through dark and progressive blackened death.

Ancient Thrones explains:

“The record is a concept record so it’s meant to be listened to in its entirety to get the full experience of the story. Even the songs were written and laid out in a way that they seamlessly transition into each other. Almost as if it was just one long piece of music broken up into separate parts as tracks. We want people to headbang and mosh, but we also want to bring people on a journey through this world of purgatory and grief and understand each phase of grief the record represents through the 10 tracks.”

Today, in support of “The Veil”, drummer Sean Hickey is sharing his playthrough for the track “The Millionth Grave”.

“I’m happy to showcase the drums for this playthrough of The Millionth Grave. It was filmed fittingly in our rehearsal space. The song itself is an eclectic blend of some of my favorite genres of metal, and in particular, I was inspired by bands like Beyond Creation to create the groove in the bridge of the song, which is still one of my proudest moments on the record. In our concept album The Veil, the track lyrically is the introduction to the character of death named Viduus and I wanted to establish that control and godlike power that character has with those crushing bomb blast chorus sections, as he showcasing his capabilities to our deceased character and taking the listener through a frenzy of tense aggression”  

To view“The Millionth Grave” drum playthrough, please visit TheCirclePit for its premiere HERE

Recommended for fans of Revocation, The Red Chord, and The Black Dahlia Murder, “The Veil” is available on BandcampSpotifyApple MusicAmazon.

Lyric Video – The Soul To Flesh – YouTube
Guitar Playthrough – The Soul To Flesh – YouTube
Guitar Playthrough – Divided/Dissolve – YouTube
Bass Playthrough – The Millionth Grave – YouTube

Track Listing:
1. Transient (1:58)
2. The Sight of Oblivion (6:00)
3. The Millionth Grave (5:53)
4. The Soul to Flesh (6:14)
5. Viduus (The Veil) (9:29)
6. Sentient (2:11)
7. The River of Rain (4:32)
8. Divided/Dissolve (9:12)
9. The Infinite Eyes (9:10)
10. Permanent (2:54)
Album Length: 57:38

More info:

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