SEPULCHRE of Man release lyric video

South African symphonic death metal supergroup Sepulchre of Man  have released the lyric video for their song “Curtain Call”. 

The band commented:  

“‘Curtain Call’ is the opening track of The Reckoning, which is a concept album. It’s about the apocalypse brought forth by a horde of “The Flayed Ones” — former humans that were taken from Earth millennia ago and tortured, resulting in their hatred for mankind. ‘Curtain Call’ sets the tone by describing the destruction and also alludes to the fact that the destruction was part of a master plan put into place by the album’s primary antagonist. Sonically dark and vocally powerful, it makes sense that this track is the album’s single.”

Watch the lyric video:

About Sepulchre of Man

Sepulchre Of Man is a supergroup of the South African metal scene, consisting of band members that have all earned their stripes performing in multiple live and studio projects. The band was formed with the ethos of providing high quality death metal with eerie and epic orchestration, matched with a theatrical live show.  While COVID has slowed down the possibility of epic live shows at the moment, it has not dampened the band’s ability to pull off amazing compositions — and that is the aim of their upcoming debut release, The Reckoning.  Sepulchre Of Man writes concept albums, with the idea of future albums being about other apocalypses in parallel dimensions. 

Now back to that supergroup lineup: Dave Dippenaar is the drummer of long running groove metal band Psordid.  He also plays in Nerve Zero and Omentum. Simon Werner plays bass for symphonic death metal band Surdus, bass for comedic death metal bass band Omentum, and guitar for symphonic black metal band Lesuth. Alec Larsen plays guitar for Surdus, bass and vocals for Omentum, and bass for melodic death metal band Forsaking Fate.  

Together, these three seasoned musicians create a sound that is greater than the sum of its parts.  Says Larsen, “Symphonic extreme metal is something that is a fundamental part of my very being. It is an honour to be able to share something so expressive and visceral with people.”

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