INTERLOPER – Release Drum Playthrough For “Glasshouse”

Two weeks ago, progressive heavy metal vehicle, ​INTERLOPER released their debut EP, AREVENANT LEGACY. Today, the band releases the drum play through for “Glasshouse” which can be seen here:

Aaron Stechauner comments, “This is probably my favorite track to both play and listen to on the record. It has such a strange structure – no real chorus, no hook repeats – yet is so compositionally sound. There are a lot of callbacks, as well as some big developments throughout the song that make you feel ‘at home,’ even without those traditional (and rather necessary) song elements… for example, uhm, a fucking chorus! [laughs] In a way this song feels very much like one of those half-hour long ‘prog epics,’ all in the span of four and a half minutes.”

AREVENANT LEGACY was recorded and produced in house at Sewn Shut Sounds by the band themselves, with mixing and production from producer, friend, and honorary ‘4th member’ ​Joey Virrueta. 

With a full length album completed and set for release in the near future, this EP serves as a stepping stone in the development of INTERLOPER​ as a whole.

Below is the tracklist for AREVENANT LEGACY EP:
1. An Emerald Flame
2. Silence
3. Wishful Thinking
4. Hand in Hand
5. Glasshouse

Stream/Download A Revenant Legacy EP here:
INTERLOPER is:Miles Dimitri Baker ​| Guitar
Aaron Stechauner ​| Drums 
Andrew Virrueta |​ Vocals, Guitar

More info:

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