REPAID IN BLOOD’s ‘Reflective Duality’ Out Now and Streaming!

California Geek Metal Squad REPAID IN BLOOD has released sophomore album Reflective Duality. The album is available on all of the usual platforms.

Stream/Purchase Reflective Duality:

Reflective Duality finds REPAID IN BLOOD maniacally bulldozing its way through eight tracks of pit-inducing fury. Featuring guest appearances from members of THREAT SIGNAL, ALLEGAEON, BORN OF OSIRIS and FLUB, Reflective Duality is the album metal fans need to kick off 2021 properly.

“A work of art; beautiful, but full of brutality at the same time. A modern masterpiece.” (10/10)

  • Broken Tomb Magazine

“An album that is jam packed with thrilling savagery and memorable metal rhythm.” (8.5/10)

  • Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

“It’s a fun, quick, enjoyable beatdown.”

  • Teeth of the Divine

The band comments on the album, “We have always been a fun going band, writing about the things we love and care about, metal, comics, movies, all around geek stuff. Well this time around we also wrote about what we care about, this time it’s people! You, and everyone else, are created equal. This isn’t an album about hate, it’s about our love for our country and what it should stand for. This isn’t a political album, it’s about human rights. All humans are created equal, women, children and men. Metal IS Family. We should support each other, as well as everyone that needs help in our communities. If you have a problem with our views, kindly see yourself out of our socials. We thank you for your time.”

Reflective Duality Track Listing:

1) Intro
2) Wake Up, Time To Die [Video]
3) Thots & Purveyors (Feat. Jon Howard)
4) He’s No Good To Me Dead
5) Ritualistic Stoning (Feat. Travis Montgomery) [Video]
6) Rebel Scum (Feat. Greg Burgess) [Video]
7) Dave’s Not Here Man
8) Molotov Circumcision (Feat. Michael Alvarez & Cameron Losch) [Video]

Reflective Duality was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Eric Hill at The Blue Room Recording Studio. All drums by Juan Galvez, all rhythm guitar, some leads and bass by Jake Burrmann. Vocals by Darrell Durham. Lead guitar by Patrick Small. Guest vocals on Thots & Purveyors by Jon Howard (Threat Signal). Guest guitars on Ritualistic Stoning by Travis Montgomery (Threat Signal). Guest guitars on Rebel Scum by Greg Burgess (Allegaeon). Guest vocals on Molotov Circumcision by Michael Alvarez (Flub, ex-Alterbeast) and guest guitars by Cameron Losch (Born Of Osiris).

REPAID IN BLOOD mixes the best of Death Metal and Metal-core creating their own unique genre: Geek Metal! Which blends crushing riffs, searing solos, ball shattering breakdowns with a variety of pop culture, movies, games and geekdom samples into their performances that always gets the crowd going and shouting the lines and samples during the show!

REPAID IN BLOOD is a metal band that started in 2006 in Sunnyvale, CA. The name was taken from a lyric off The Black Dahlia Murder’s first full length album, Unhallowed. The name is an expression of violence in its truest form, vengeance. Victor Hernandez and Jake Burrmann formed a band in high school, with different members coming and going along the way, eventually turning into what became REPAID IN BLOOD. Jake Burrmann and Juan Galvez are the last of the founding members, and yet, with the powerful vocals and live performances of Darrell Durham, along with the blistering leads of Patrick Small, REPAID IN BLOOD is a strong cohesive family.

REPAID IN BLOOD has worked the local scene with a strong fan base, played in three showcases at South By Southwest, numerous West Coast and Southwest tours and US tours. REPAID IN BLOOD are serious about the music they create, but always have fun doing so. From the “I Saw Zombies Eating Santa Claus” Xmas parody to a Lego stop motion, Clerks inspired, Jaws parody video, to a full puppet band video for a parody of Salt N Peppa’s “Push It”, releasing tour and behind the scenes blooper videos, using Archer or Stranger Things for a live opening, kid’s cereal, zombies, pop culture, comic books, Game Of Thrones, to peeing on you, you are guaranteed to take something away from REPAID IN BLOOD musically and live.

REPAID IN BLOOD has one full-length album, Born In A Lazarus Pit, which was released June 2014, with music videos released, national promotion, and press as well. REPAID IN BLOOD also has an earlier EP One Bullet Shy Of A Solution released August 2008 and more recently a second EP Terra Mourning in May 2017.

REPAID IN BLOOD have done full US tours: East Bound And Death Tour with thrashers Apothesary, The Repaid In Death Tour with Australian Death Metalers In Death…, The Split Personality Tour with Death Will Tremble, The Danger Zone Tour with Casket Robbery, and the massive No One Gets Out Alive Tour with In Death…, Casket Robbery and Bury The Rod which was a great success. REPAID IN BLOOD has shared the stage with All Shall Perish, Allegaeon, Betraying The Martyrs, Embryonic Devourment, Forbidden, Incite, Morta Skuld, Voices Of Ruin, Sacrificial Slaughter as well as so many others on the road.


Darrell Durham – Vocals
Jake Burrmann – Guitar and Bass
Patrick Small – Lead Guitar
Juan Galvez – Drums

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