INSECT INSIDE unleash their debut of colossal, brutal death metal – The First Shining Of New Genus – through Gore House Productions

Arising from the east like a swarm of locusts, driven by an insatiable hunger to level all that stands before them with sheer, slamming, brutal death metal power, Insect Inside have arrived on the extreme music scene with a debut of pitiless savagery. The First Shining Of New Genus combines skin-crawling tales of a new world order of invertebrate domination with music that hits you like a ten ton truck, travelling at maximum velocity. Your new insect overlords don’t want your prayers and adoration; they just want your flesh!

Building on the template set down by their 2019 demo, For The Glory Of Swarm, with The First Shining Of New Genus Insect Inside have incorporated everything that they love about brutal death metal into their songs; insane blast beats, crushing slams, twisted, technical riffs, inhuman vocals and unnerving atmosphere. The result is an album that will speak to all fans of the very heaviest metal in existence. With some venomous guest vocals from Kevin Muller (The Merciless Concept), Roman (Abnormity) and Kirill Nazarov (Disfigurement Of FleshDecomposition Of Entrails) adding additional firepower to the mix, The First Shining Of New Genus is one of the standout debut albums of the brutal death metal genre in recent years.

Having joined the global legions of Gore House Productions Insect Inside are now ready to unleash The First Shining Of New Genus, their many-legged, chittering onslaught of barbed stings and poison upon the world. February 19th is the date decreed for the destruction of mankind, so abandon all hope and prepare to become fodder for the insect war machine!

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