NÚMENOR – Make The Stand EP (Featuring Hansi Kursch from Blind Guardian)

The ep ‘Make The Stand’ is out today on Elevate Records in all digital stores. This EP also paves the way for the full length album ‘DRACONIAN TIME’ scheduled for March.

In the ep, in addition to the song of the same name in which Marko duets with Hansi Kursch, the singer of Blind Guardian, we find three other songs: ‘Where the Battle Rages On’ which will also be included in the EP , a remix of ‘Dragon of Erebor’ originally contained in the album ‘Sword And Sorcery’, and a powerful cover of ‘Valhalla’ by Blind Guardian to close the circle.

The sound of Númenor is quite particular between a classic power metal and a melodic death metal of Scandinavian 90s extraction. Reference groups Iron Maiden, Rhapsody / Luca Turilli, Blind Guardian, Bal-Sagoth, Covenant, Arcturus, Dimmu Borgir.

The cover of the DRACONIAN AGE album was made by the famous Serbian artist: Dobrosav “Bob” Živković originally appeared for the Serbian edition “The Lord of the Rings” from 1984

Make the Stand (feat. Hansi Kürsch)
Hall of the Mountain King
Mirror Mirror (A Robe of Stars)
Where the Battle Rages On
Twilight of the Gods
The Days of Final Frost
The Last of Wizards

Discography :

2013 Colossal Darkness
2015 Sword and Sorcery
2017 Chronicles From the Realms Beyond 
2021 Draconian Age

FB :

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