ANGEL MARTYR – “Nothing Louder Than Silence” Album Details Revealed

Italian metallers from Tuscany, ANGEL MARTYR, will release their new studio album on February 19, 2021. It will be available on CD and on all digital platforms via Iron Shield Records.

The album, titled “Nothing Louder Than Silence”, offers 10 tracks made of a pure heavy metal sound, on which dark atmospheres stand out thanks to the contents dealt by the lyrics: ranging from theology, to psychology, to investigating the meanderings of the human soul.

“Nothing Louder Than Silence” Track Listing:

1. Black Rose on a Frozen Grave (intro)
2. The Legion of the Black Angels
3. Forgotten Metal
4. Black twin rising
5. Climbing the Walls of the Abyss
6. Marked by the Woodblade
7. Reckless Master
8. Nothing Louder Than Silence
9. The Arrival in Geresenes’ Land
10. My Name is Legion

Tiziano “Hammerhead” Sbaragli, ANGEL MARTYR frontman, says:

“This album will be more mature than our previous one. I’m not only talking about the riffs and the songwriting but, above all, it’s about the sound and the vocal interpretation of each song. When it comes to the style, we stay true to ourselves: it’s still a pure Heavy Metal sound with no compromise”.


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ANGEL MARTYR – “Nothing Louder Than Silence” is out now. Lyric video for the title track available


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