CONJURETH sign with MEMENTO MORI, to release debut album

In their endless quest to push and support current underground acts that perpetuate the odor of vintage death metal, Memento Mori are extremely thrilled to announce a new signing: Conjureth, from the United States.

Conjureth formed in 2018 with the goal of continuing the traditions forged by the originators of death metal. Taking influence via everything from Florida to Finland, Conjureth steamrolls their way through late ’80s-inspired filth. There was a short time when death metal wasn’t primarily full of blastbeats, caveman riffs, ultra-low-tuned guitars, and super-guttural vocals. Sadly, this era was fairly short-lived. But we all know how it spawned some of the most classic material the genre has ever seen. Conjureth slots in that bygone age of 1986-to-1989-style death metal with a heaping portion of thrash metal riffing and a dash of the technical side of things that would be unearthed a few years later. This is a band that celebrates the past giving birth to the future.

Memento Mori will unleash the CD version of their debut full-length, whereas their friends in Rotted Life Records will take care of the LP version. Release date for both formats has been set for July 26th. Further details to follow in the coming months. For more info, consult the links below.


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