Today: 30th anniversary SADIST

Today marks the 30th anniversary of SADIST! The Italian death metal band was formed on January 29, 1991, and is renowned for their progressive death oriented productions ‘Above the Light‘ (1993), ‘Tribe‘ (1995) and ‘Crust‘ (1997). SADIST split up after releasing ‘Lego‘ (2000) but reunited again in 2005. Thereafter the group released a self-titled album ‘Sadist‘ (2007), followed by ‘Season in Silence‘ (2010), ‘Hyaena‘ (2015) and ‘Spellbound‘ (2018). Their compositions involve heavy usage of guitar and keyboard solos, with jazz and Middle Eastern influences. The new line-up, including French extreme metal drummer Romain Goulon (ex-NECROPHAGIST, ex-BENIGHTED, ex-DISAVOWED) and Dutch fretless bass player Jeroen Paul Thesseling (OBSCURAQUADVIUM, ex-PESTILENCE), is currently finishing the production for their upcoming ninth full-length album ‘Firescorched‘ (tba 2021).
SADIST line-up:

Trevor – vocals
Tommy Talamanca – guitar, keyboards
Jeroen Paul Thesseling – bass
Romain Goulon – drums

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