ASTRAL TOMB stream new BLOOD HARVEST EP at “Decibel” magazine’s website

Today, mind-mangling death metallers Astral Tomb stream the entirety of their highly anticipated new EP, Degradation of Human Consciousness, at Decibel magazine’s website. Set for international release on January 29th via Blood Harvest Records on cassette tape format, hear Astral Tomb‘s Degradation of Human Consciousness in its entirety exclusively HERE.

As presaged by their track to the Chasm of Aeons four-way split shared with Cryptic ShiftReplicant, and Inoculation which Blood Harvest released this past autumn, Astral Tomb are all-too-perfectly monikered. Theirs is gross ‘n’ gooey dredge of deranged death metal that slices and sluices in obscene ways – all at the listener’s discomfort, most of all, challenging even the most diehard death metaller. Their first longer-formed recording since their celebrated Subterranean Forms debut demo in 2019, Degradation of Human Consciousness is likewise perfectly titled, for its blown-out yet clanging soundworld consumes the listener’s sanity first and then the body whole, spitting it back out – slowly, weirdly, wonderfully – in a manner that recalls both the most clandestine secrets of turn-of-the-’90s tape-trading and a future far off and none so vile.

Astral Tomb have already written your epitaph with Degradation of Human Consciousness – and they’re only just begun!

Fully read that epitaph exclusively HERE, courtesy of Decibel, North America’s only monthly metal magazine. Preorder info can be found HERE. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Astral Tomb’s Degradation of Human Consciousness

1. Devouring Sorrow
2. Transcendental Visions
3. Orbiting Fractals


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