OPHIDIAN I sign to Season of Mist

Picture by Rúnar Geirmundsson

Season of Mist are pleased to announce the signing of Icelandic Tech Death outfit OPHIDIAN I. The band, containing members of Icelandic label mates HELFRÓ, will release their brand new album ‘Desolate’ via Season of Mist in the summer of 2021. 

OPHIDIAN I comment on the signing: “We are ecstatic to announce that we’ve partnered with Season of Mist for the release of our album ‘Desolate’ in 2021. The new album is a product of relentless dedication and we could not imagine a more fitting home than with the incredible team at Season of Mist. Through the years we have been inspired by many artists from their roster and now we humbly take our place amongst them.

Season of Mist CEO Michael Berberian comments on the signing:
“It all started by a mail from an old partner in crime, known to many in the industry; Ula Gehret. I quote : “Am I nuts, or is this really good?” Two emails later: “I’ve really fallen for this album (it’s my new “Unquestionable Presence”)”. And my god, was he right. It’s my most played album of the last two months. There is something extra to this one, in my mind there is no doubt that this is a future classic. So a few weeks later, we signed the band, and he’s managing them. Two music industry veterans falling for an album like we were teens. We, at SOM were lucky to release with ARCHSPIRE and BEYOND CREATION the two cornerstones of the last decade in the “Tech Death” world. Here is the first one of 2021.”

With a clear goal of reaching the apex of technical metal in terms of proficiency, arrangements and sound, OPHIDIAN I has  produced the destructive full-length album ‘Desolate’.  

Emerging from Iceland; the barren island in the north, home to apocalyptic weather, eruptions and storms. The breeding intensity,  blazing speed and ferocity of OPHIDIAN I reflects the chaos it hails from as well as the inherent beauty and complex harmony.

With various influences ranging from all styles, the unique melt of technical death metal – with immersive melody and hooks at every corner – ‘Desolate’ will appeal to all those who seek peak militant musicianship on all fronts.  

Genre: Icelandic Tech Death

Line Up:
Ragnar Sverrisson – Drums 
Simon Thorolfsson – Guitar 
Daníel Máni Konráðsson – Guitar 
Þórður Hermannsson – Bass 
John Olgeirsson – Vocals 


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