DEATH KOMMANDER released a new album Pro Patria Mori

Flames, concussions, and the horror of mechanized slaughtering – Death Kommander’s new album “Pro Patria Mori” combines it all into a 49-minute-long debut, which immediately reminds the listener that Old School Death Metal is far from old or dead and the mighty Bolt Thrower may have a worthy successor! 

Tony “Demolition Man” Dolan from Venom Inc. and Patrick “Frugi” Herrsche from Messiah round up the album with guest appearances on the first and last song, adding another layer to the already very volatile release and make it even more interesting.

The album can be divided into two parts – the first slower worship of groovy riffs, and the second, more daring and faster attack on enemy trenches. The variety and length of the album are making the album worth multiple listening iterations where every time something new can be discovered. 
The album has been released digitally on the 01.01.2021 and physically on the 26.01.2021 through Warhorn Records.

Notable songs: Steel Reaper, Shock Trooper, Unnamed Graves, Flamethrower


The album starts off with an Intro where the similarity to the legendary Bolt Thrower already springs to mind like a foot mine. As the needle jumps off, the first Tunes of War attack the musical battlefield and advance with a Steel Reaper through the Incoming Death – two songs with multiple layers of advancing technology. Especially the end of Incoming Death arises again from the rubble and presents the listener with growls full of despair.

Groovy riffs and slow headbanging parts continue in Shock Trooper and challenge the neck muscles before the advancement of a rolling riff machine titled Mechanized Warfare.

Like in every battle, the turning point starts with Unnamed Grave, which mixes typical Bolt Thrower with long growls of despair and melodic lines that are building up to the end of the song where even the baldest listener will feel hair flying through the air.

Play of Death and Flanders Blues are the more daring side of the album, where catchy melodies lead the listener dancing through the mine field in no man’s land.

As the battle is approaching the end, the Flamethrower is clearing out with a bass intro that leaves no person standing in front of the trenches. The spark is so catchy that you can even hear the incinerated corpses shouting “FLAMETHROWER”!

A last undertaking is The March, with changing tempo and versatile vocal deployment. It stands out as a more modern interpretation of Death Metal without forgetting its roots in horror and despair.

All that follows now is the bleak end of the story. Tony “Demolition Man” Dolan’s voice marks the sharp contrast and takes over the role of a narrator, concluding that for the deceased there is no honour, nor glory – Pro Patria Mori.

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