Symphonic metal collective VALCATA announce new single ‘Tower’

The symphonic metal collective Valcata will release a new standalone single “Tower” on February 12th, 2021.

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Oha Cade (composer) comment:

Tower is, like our debut in 2019, a remote online production. Several musicians who featured on the 2019 album have returned, but we’re also introducing new guests. Vocal-wise, on the returning side we have the incredible talents of Hadi Kiani (Gereh, The Frame, Deaton LeMay Project) and Angel Wolf-Black (Goditha, Alexandra Zerner, Vivaldi Metal Project), who reprise their roles as Hessabi and Hypatia. Our new guest is Joshua Morse from the band The Doubted, who appears as the new character Morbus, and delivers Valcata’s first ever harsh vocals.

Drummer Jonas Schütz (Sacrosanct, Sapiency, Eraserhead, Diësis, Condemned to Dream, First Encounter, Oceanrise) returns again to grace us with his hammer-hearted rhythms. Then we have three new maestros — João Miguel (Enblood, Tokyo Wanderer) on guitars, Chris Kollias (SL Theory, Serenity Broken, Persona Non Grata) on bass, and Nathaniel Wolkstein (Just Nathaniel, Gravity the Architect, Imagine the Moon) on strings — all of whom elevated this music with their creativity and unique contributions.

Last but certainly not least, this track was mixed and mastered by the legendary producer Jacob Hansen, who has brought to life the music of many bands that influenced us such as Volbeat, Amaranthe, Fleshgod Apocalypse, and Delain.

The artwork was done by Joshua McQuary (McMonster), who creates stunning watercolors. His style perfectly captures the song’s atmosphere.

Since our debut in October 2019, I’ve been feverishly working on new music. While my ultimate goal is to create another full-length album, some things just can’t wait. When you hear this song and the lyrical themes, you’ll see why.”

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Full credits:

Jacob Hansen (Pyramaze, Volbeat, Amaranthe, Delain)

Hadi Kiani (Gereh, The Frame, Deaton LeMay Project) — as Hessabi
Angel Wolf-Black (Goditha, Alexandra Zerner, Vivaldi Metal Project) — as Hypatia
Joshua Morse (The Doubted) — as Morbus

João Miguel (Enblood, Tokyo Wanderer)

Chris Kollias (SL Theory, Serenity Broken, Persona Non Grata)

Jonas Schütz (Sacrosanct, Sapiency, Eraserhead, Diësis, Condemned to Dream, First Encounter, Oceanrise)

Nathaniel Wolkstein (Just Nathaniel, Gravity the Architect, Imagine the Moon)

Oha Cade

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