Finnish death metal sensation REVULSION premiere song via The Metal Wanderlust!

Finnish death metal band Revulsion are on the verge of releasing their massively anticipated full length and they’ve received some stunning feedback so far. It’s hard to dislike an album that’s chock-full of grooves and piledriving riffs. The Metal Wanderlust premiered a stunning track AT THIS LINK.  Excerpt –  

“don’t think for a moment that Revulsion isn’t bringing anything new to the table. Fuck no! These dudes add all sorts of extra spicy flavour to the already delicious Finnish Death Metal sound”


– “constantly and consistently delivers on a level that is applause-worthy” – Head-Banger Reviews (US)

– “lays the riffs on thick” – Decibel Magazine (US)

– “neck-wrecking groove” – No Clean Singing (US)

– “a new standard for just how uncompromising death metal can be” – Metal Temple (Greece) 9/10

– “is glorious” – Antichrist Magazine (Ukraine) 88/100

– “If you like Death Metal, I know you are going to enjoy this album” – RTMB (Spain) 8.5/10

– “bring some serious meaty metal to the ears” – GBHBL (US) 8/10

– “a good death metal album” – Ave Noctum (UK) 8/10

– “ferocious but more sinister” – Metal Observer (Canada) 7/10

– “top-notch Death Metal made in Finland that’s definitely going to stand out” – The Headbanging Moose (Can) 3.5/5

– “excellent” – Dioses Del Metal (Mexico) 

– “This release will knock you flat on your ass” – Metal Nation (3/5)

– “nothing stands in their way of advancement to the next higher league” – Storm Bringer (Austria) 3.5/5

– “an interesting release to be taken a look at” – Rauta (Finland)

– “music that is sublime and certainly of widespread interest” – Imperium (Finland)

– “An excellent straight-to-the-vein dose of commanding death metal” – Heavies To Fart (US)

– “This album hurts … in all the right ways” – The Razor’s Edge (UK)

– “paints a harsh and hostile world” – Santa Sangre Magazine (Spain)

– “is damn good, from beginning to end” – Extreme Metal Maniac (US)

Revulsion (Finland) – Self Titled (February 5th, 2021)

Genre – Death Metal
Release Date – February 5th, 2020
Record Label – Transcending Obscurity Records
For fans of – Dying Fetus, Depravity, Suffocation, Sadistik Forest, Atræ Bilis, Gorguts, Psycroptic, Ulcerate, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Paganizer, Broken Hope, Sepulchral Curse

Revulsion happen to be one of Finland’s best kept secrets. It’s no surprise that the country boasts of some of the finest death metal bands and with their new full length, Revulsion are sure to be considered as one among them, joining label mates Sepulchral Curse and Sadistik Forest to take the Finnish death metal sound ahead. They’re not stuck with the old school sound but are instead taking things forward with their aggressive, sharp and viciously groovy form of death metal that begs for repeat listens. There’s an air of dissonance about their sound along with plodding doom metal influences that elevate them above the meat and potatoes kind of death metal bands, without allowing it all to affect the inexorable momentum that will knock you flat. This is death metal that is contemporary and practical, taking the best elements from all over and delivering it flawlessly without pulling any punches. Prepare yourself for a fantastic listening experience from start to finish. 

Line up – 
Aleksi Huhta – Vocals
Jari Toppinen – Guitar
Jarkko Viitasalo – Guitar
Tuomas Alatalo – Bass
Atte Karppinen – Drums

Artwork by Kuba Sokolski (Thou)

Track listing – 
1. Last Echoes of Life
2. Pyre 
3. Walls 
4. Mustaa Hiiltä 
5. Lihaan Sidottu Kirja 
6. Wastelands 
7. Unravel 
8. Silence 
9. Pawns 
10. Viimeinen Rituaali

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