MUSTAN KUUN LAPSET releases new single from their upcoming acoustic album featuring Mark Kelson from The Eternal

Photo: Juha Almqvist/Mark Kelson

Finnish metal band Mustan Kuun Lapset has released second single from their upcoming acoustic album Kruunu (release date February 26th 2021). The song features Mark Kelson from Australian progressive doom metal band The Eternal as lead singer.

Listen to “The Dream About a Dying Angel”:
Apple Music:

“The dream of a dying angel is all about what the title says. It’s actually one of MKL’s oldest songs; it was originally recorded as a demo version to the legendary and now very rare demo tape “Varjomaa” in 1997. So it took almost 24 years to complete the work! And because it’s such a unique song, the unique man had to become its singer as well. The leader of Australian band The Eternal Mark Kelson took over, and the result is truly awesome.” the band backgrounds the track. 

Mustan Kuun Lapset’s seventh album Kruunu is the band’s first fully acoustic recording. It is also the band’s first production with an international group of singers and musicians. In addition to acoustic guitars and pure male and female vocals, the album presents e.g. bowed lyre, french horn and ukulele! Kruunu will be released on February 26th via Inverse Records.

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